Remember when you were in high school and you desperately wanted your boyfriend/girlfriend to do something nice for you (like all the other boyfriend/girlfriends were doing)? You dreamed that they would write you love letters, send you flowers, and surprise you with romantic dates… but they never did. Which understandably hurt your feelings and made you feel unloved, lonely, and brokenhearted.

But instead of having an emotionally mature conversation with them, to express your feelings and voice your desires… you chose to give them the cold shoulder and ignore them COMPLETELY…for like 2 weeks. (‘common it couldn’t have just been my high school relationships, right?)

Well, anyway, that’s kind of how it’s going to be with this Venus conjunct Saturn alignment. (yikes!)

This transit can stir up those same immature that’s-so-high-school type feelings of isolation, sadness, and disconnect. You’re going to long for love and affection, but instead of voicing that longing, you’ll just come off as mean and coldhearted. Now, that’s a dangerous spiral to fall into… remember, you attract how you act.

It’s going to be tempting to be resentful and bitter towards your lover this week, but if you get into the dangerous habit of acting this way… you won’t be seeing that love and affection that you desire, anytime soon. So always remember the golden rule – treat others the way you want to be treated.


Oh no, Venus isn’t done with you quite yet. She’s also going to tamper with the stability of your relationships…  in the form of sudden urges for exploration and the desire for something different.

Uranus is known for bringing forth sudden changes and shocks, so when it squares off the planet of love… you can expect to feel unsettled in your relationships. Your eyes will, without a doubt, wander and you might even find yourself day-dreaming of how your life would look without your partner.

Rest assured, these feelings aren’t going to be the ruin of a strong relationship. But this cosmic alignment is going to make you crave excitement, stimulation, and freedom. Have a conversation with your partner on how you can incorporate this urge into your relationship. Mix things up in the bedroom, do something different for date night, or go on an exciting adventure together.

If your relationship does not have a strong foundation, this is sure to… complicate… things a bit more.

So, hide your kids, hide your wife, and maybe hide yourself too until Venus is being a little less… b*tchy.

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What does Venus conjunct Saturn in the natal chart mean?

Individuals with Venus conjunct Saturn in their birth chart while sympathetic and faithful will be struggling to express themselves. Because of this, personal relationships may be slow to form and be a bit distant at first. This is true despite longing for affection.

Since these natives with natal Saturn are endowed with a strong sense of duty, one takes joy in doing their duty even when going through boring drudgery.

These natal Saturn natives have a natural eye toward symmetry and harmony in their attitude to the natural world. People with Venus conjunct Saturn in their birth chart are perfect when it comes to dealing with the arts or the sciences.

Their sense of personal duties is deeply intertwined with their sense of personal satisfaction. Although they will have few close friends, there is a strong sense of loyalty as well as justice

It is possible for these natal Saturn people to be naturally quite guarded and averse to form close relationships with other people. It is especially true if they have been raised with strict or distant parents.

It must be noted these people have a tendency to utilize people to satisfy emotional and material needs. It is not odd for them to marry for money if they ever do so at all. It is advisable to keep this materialistic tendency in check for the well-being of everyone involved.

There is an exaggeration of one’s otherwise positive qualities, which may end up being detrimental. It may make them self-centered and egotistical. It is possible for them to step into selfishness.

Psychological repression as well as psychological depression, along with an inclination to feel disregarded, may stem from their upbringing. The reason may also be karmic, particularly if Venus or Saturn is in a retrograde position.

Individuals that have been hurt in the past want to teach a lesson to achieve a balance in their life while people that hurt those in Venus in conjunction with Saturn return to offer love and guidance.

After a certain point in Vebus coinjunct, sorrow and depression will subside to make room for satisfactory human relationships for these natal Saturn people. As is the fate of many people, one’s early years may be especially challenging. The resulting harm to one’s self-worth and self-regard may affect one’s adult years in the form of inhibition and difficulty maintaining close relationships.

In Venus-Saturn, negative or toxic influences from authority figures will amplify this issue. Paternal figures, for example, maybe a negative influence and may have been emotionally harmful to the individual.