Under a Sun Square Uranus transit, you’ll feel the urge to make changes, shake things up and embrace new and exciting adventures. Uranus is the planet known for shock and surprise, and with the Sun’s influence over this transit, you’re likely to welcome those shocks and surprises with open arms.

That said, the anticipation of what’s to come in this transit could make you a little impatient. This is especially true of the air signs, Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. Uranus can cause rebellious behavior, so it’s important to remember that your frustrations could lead to impulsiveness, regardless of the consequences. Sometimes these actions will pay off… but not always.

If you’ve been harboring any feeling of boredom towards an area of your life, like your job or a relationship, today may not be the day to make hasty decisions with lasting effects. Or, on the flip side, it might give you the confidence boost you need to actually make the change you’ve been craving.

During this transit, you’ll feel more confident to stand on your own two feet, you’ll want to launch towards what you want and you’ll look for positive change. Your creative side might light up too.

Conversely, you may feel stressed and insecure, but this transit calls for you to be flexible and open-minded in order to harness the positive traits of this special planetary alignment.


During a Sun square Uranus planet transit, keeping busy might be the best way to keep your feelings of restlessness at bay. You’ll often feel like you want to do something new and you won’t like being bored. But it’s important to not act rashly while you’re finding things for yourself to do.

If you can, stick to a routine in this transit and only ‘do’ things that don’t have lasting consequences. Making big moves today may come back to haunt you. If you do have the motivation to do something drastic today, sleep on it and do it tomorrow if you still want to!

What does Sun square planet Uranus in the natal chart mean?

People who were born during the sun Square Uranus transit want to show the strength of their ego via their profession and amazing personality. It often causes them to be in conflict with others. People have the impression that they are rebellious and strange.

Because of this natal aspect, they typically face problems when it comes to their critical relationships. Although it is not their intention to provoke a challenge with their partners, they seem to do it unconsciously.

Because of this, they may be under continuous pressure and be seen as being too much of a rebel. But as they get older, their self-awareness will grow, making them able to recognize that their behavior is bringing out the worst in others.

Another thing to note about Sun square planet Uranus natives is they have complex personalities. They have great intelligence and a need for independence which makes them stand out from the crowd. The path they usually take in life is bringing them surprising and tremendous results every time.

These people are notable for having an odd and sometimes belligerent sense of humor. It is critical that they never expose it and perhaps just put a lid on it, especially if they don’t want to offend their partners.

However, when it comes to their talents and expressing them, these natives should never restrict themselves. The square aspect between the Sun and Uranus natal is motivating them to express themselves in creative ways, but at the same time, it may make them selfish, erratically agitated, with a wish to be independent and free from any social restrictions.

Since Sun Square Uranus people are yearning to express their individuality to a high-level they can become too much isolated and opposed to any groups that promote contrasting ideas from theirs.

If they are not controlling their energy, it is expressed radically and can cause too much trouble. They may find themselves also playing devil’s advocate, which can cause confusion and result in them being alienated from themselves. Meaning they may actually lose their beliefs and individuality.

It is critical to continue opposing the thinking of the majority when they feel like doing so in this transit. Those who know them well know that they understand where they’re coming from, and they stand for the truth behind their views. It makes them believe that what is popular is not always the best course and the truth can be separated according to differing an individual opinion.

Natives who have the Sun square Uranus in their natal charts tend to be disorganized and dislike routine.

These people also never give too much attention to rules because they feel restricted by them. Because of this, they are always following their own beliefs and do not care too much about the results of the attitude they are having.

These people tend to have a stubborn personality and will never listen to the advice of other people and continually assess themselves before having to deal with any experience or problem.

In case they decide to give a closer examination of their life and everything they have done, they may conclude that people have unjustly misjudged them, and they will continue to make crazy decisions that allow them to express their individuality rather than go with the flow and do what the majority is telling them to do.

Keep in mind that this person has a solid and amazing will as well as a rebel nature and directness that gives the impression that they are uncouth. If they refuse to rein in their powerful will, according to astrology, their life will likely be full of surprises, sometimes nasty, sometimes pleasant.

Since these natal Uranus individuals are chaotic and unusual, they need to keep their impulsiveness and constantly changing behavior under control; otherwise, they may end up destroying what they have assiduously struggled to build, not to mention how much strain they can cause when they act irrationally. However, this aspect is more profound in men with the sun square Uranus aspect.

Astrology regards these people as very proud and independent, and as has been mentioned numerous times, they will refuse to listen to the advice of others.

According to astrology they can be dogmatic and impose their religious belief as well as philosophical ideas, which won’t bring them anything positive until they learn that it is critical to respect the opinions of other people.

However, these people are not at all that practical, but they can be very original when coming up with ideas.

These people tend to be paranoid and imagine others are not working for their interests according to astrology. The more willful Sun square Uranus natives will tend to live their lives without having any kind of principle.

When it comes to their health, these Sun Square people are vulnerable to having accidents as well as nervous diseases.