The trifling energy of the Sun square Saturn will be in the air on May 4th, making for some tense times. This transit represents some difficult conversations we need to have with ourselves to be able to move forward in life. So, this is the perfect time to ask yourself, what do you want? And how are you going to get there?

The Sun Square Saturn Transit

When the Sun is in this position, your self-esteem can take a bit of a hit. You might feel stuck as you try to reach your goals but are met with blocks at each turn.

You’ll feel like things are hard work under this Sun-Saturn aspect. Although the bad aspects of this transit will be visible on a surface level, it’s important to work to see the good aspects.

Under this sky, the challenges you face will make you stronger as a person so you need to exercise some self-discipline and tell yourself that now is the time to get things done. Just know, it won’t be easy!

Sun Square Saturn Natal

This you have the Sun squaring Saturn in your birth chart, you will find that your life does has some difficulties, particularly when it comes to low self-esteem.

Throughout your life, you will find yourself coming up against issues time and time again where you judge yourself too harshly. This is not necessarily your fault; these problems could arise from things that have happened to you in your childhood – particularly when it comes to people criticizing you.

At the same time, a Saturn-Sun placement like this is not necessarily the worst thing your astrology could have thrown at you.

Self-expression may be difficult for you as you are not confident in your abilities and are self-conscious about how others see you.

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