The only New Moon in Gemini of the whole year is here, and it holds a light-footed, speedy energy that could have you feeling like you’re sitting in the center of a spinning top. So take a deep breath starlings, and let’s dive in.

New Moon at 12º of Gemini, on 3rd June 2019 TIMES:

03:01 PST
06:01 EST
11:01 GMT
21:01 AEDT

All New Moons bring opportunities for new beginnings, and with the breath of fresh air brought in by this air-sign lunation, this New Moon in Gemini is no different. Where does 12º of Gemini sit in your personal chart? Therein lies the clue to the seat of your most powerful intention for this month (and beyond).

It’s Time to Get Personal

Grab yourself a copy of your chart and find out which astrological house is being activated. (You can read more about how and where to do that HERE).

Is it your first house of self? In which case it’s time to look yourself squarely in the mirror, Gemini-style, and see what’s reflecting back at you (and how you’d like it to improve).

Or is it in your tenth house of career and status? In which case, maybe it’s time for a Gemini-fueled conversation with your boss about what you really want out of work?

Remember that you can set intentions for the cycle – short, achievable goals that you’ll work on until the Full Moon hits in two weeks time. But for deeper, more slow-burning and life-altering intentions, their timeline is longer and you’re looking at the Full Moon of the same sign as this New Moon. Which makes results day (give or take!) for this Gemini New Moon’s intentions six months away, when la lady Luna will be Full in Gemini on Dec 12th 2019.

A Glittering T Square to Expand Your Mind

Key aspects to keep a sneaky eye on over this New Moon involve main players Jupiter and Neptune. These two planets are forming a loose square that’s moving in and out of an exact position for much of the year (reaching exactitude three times. The next time’s not far away – June 16th). This New Moon creates a dazzling, if loose, T square, with Sun and Moon at 12º of Gemini, Jupiter at 20º of Sag and Neptune at 18º of Pisces. Amplified by the fact that both Jupiter and Neptune are in their home signs, this could go one of two ways for you:

Neptune’s higher-consciousness calling pulls us in. Idealism and fantasy can take over (been feelin’ this already this year?) and with Jupiter at play it could get tricky to separate intuition from wishful thinking. (spoiler alert: the louder the inner voice, the less likely it is to be divine guidance). And with Sun and Moon in data-driven Gemini, you’ll likely find just the evidence you need to prove whatever you want to yourself.

You have been warned…. Just because you want it to be true, doesn’t make it so.

But find yourself on the right side of this T Square of the skies, and inspiration will flow. Gemini’s information superhighway could feel like it’s leading straight to your precious mind, whilst Neptune and Jupiter offer just the right balance of insight and enthusiasm to keep the ideas flowing freely.

So get that pen and paper handy – you’ll want to be taking notes.

Beware the Post-New Moon Flurry of Fierceness

Usually, once the darkness of the New Moon lifts and Luna enters into her waxing phase the emotional intensity lets up too. Except that Gemini is a decidedly unemotional sign, and it won’t be until a couple of days later that the flood of emotions emerges. Or rages. Depending on your style.

On the 5th June, the Moon conjuncts Mars at 13º of water sign Cancer where the red planet’s already having a tough time reconciling its feisty attitude with Cancer’s soft, maternal ways. Add the Moon into the mix and any strong feelings you’ve been harboring could erupt. So take a long breath of Gemini air (yes, Gemini season will still be in full swing by then, my dear) and count to ten before you pounce.

But before it gets to that point, here are 5 things you must do (ok, here’s an invitation…) to make navigating this New Moon in Gemini a whole lot more fun.

1. Get Grounded

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: Gemini rules the mind. Making it easy under this sign, to lose your body and connectedness to the beautiful, good Earth. So take off your shoes and get outside.

2. Make Every Choice Conscious

As scattered as Gemini energy can feel, it also brings the gift of choice. Sure, you have a million options all spinning around BUT… this gives you freedom. So be conscious about what you choose. Set the intention to make conscious choices and release habitual decision making.

3. Clarify Your Vocab

As the sign that rules communication, this New Moon in Gemini brings a pretty potent opportunity to clean up your conversations. How clear are you when you speak? How exacting are you with your language? This applies to how you speak to yourself, as well as to others – is your inner dialogue as kind as it could be?

4. Brainstorm

As above, with Neptune and Jupiter on high alert, plus Mercury also in his home sign of Gemini at the time of this lunation, be prepared for downloads of inspiration. Make space and time for them by brainstorming (or is that “mind-mapping?). Double the fun by doing it with a friend!

5. Soothe yourself With Likeminded People

Remember, this is a New Moon, so despite the high octane, chatter power of this zodiac sign, energy is still generally low. So don’t race out socializing and networking if you really don’t feel like it. Spending time with like-minded people could be exactly the medicine you need, to clarify what you already know and run through the ideas already in your head, without the challenge of the unknown.

Above all, take it easy and be gentle on yourself, starlings. This is supposed to feel good!

New Moon blessings.

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About Katherine Anne Lee

Katherine Anne Lee is a writer, truth-teller and edge walker. She specializes in reading, and guiding others through the energetic patterns and rhythms that spiral through our worlds. Katherine has spent almost a decade training in the lunar mysteries, and European Shamanic Practice, gathering extensive knowledge and experience in these esoteric arts. She offers practical tools and methods to help modern humans use and integrate this ancient wisdom, in a rapidly evolving world. Visit The Moon School

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