Red hot Mars, the warrior planet of assertive action and rising libidos stays in a single sign for just under two months, before charging forth to conquer its next new frontier.

Its planetary motion remains fighting forward the whole year long – Mars will not turn retrograde in 2019.

In Astrology (and in addition to what your personal Horoscope tells…) the 4th rock from the Sun activates our driving force, our motivation and fighting styles. This doesn’t mean its pistols at dawn every time Mars in town, but it does mean you’ll be pushed to find new ways to dominate and get what you want, according to where in the skies, this fiery front-runner lies.

In this collective horoscope, Mars charges through Cancer the crab: the fourth sign of the zodiac.

Under this sky, the collective feels protective and needs safety and security above all else.

Hostily In Abundance

Mars’ hottest, hostile energy is most likely to express its face under this sign, as in Cancer, the red planet is said to be in its “fall”. Cancer is the soft, nurturing homemaker and these two energies don’t always see eye-to-eye.

So don’t expect yourself to be driven by the ego. This is what Mars does best, but too much stress, high pressure, and competition will likely leave you feeling stranded without a paddle on the sea of your emotions.

The (metaphorical) battlefield is no place for the crab, so don’t think twice about retreating indoors whilst Mars moves through this portion of the skies.
In practical ways, this looks like:

  • Working from home
  • Or if that’s out of the question, turning your workspace or cubicle into a home-from-home (think bringing in your fave cushion, potted plant or mini altar and a home-cooked soup for lunch).
  • Avoiding unnecessary clashes with colleagues
  • Holding your “boundary line” – saying “no” when your personal space or time is threatened.

This isn’t to say that Mars in Cancer turns us all into wet blankets – far from it. As a cardinal quality (alongside Aries, Libra, and earth sign Capricorn) Cancer isn’t afraid to take action – this heady mix of Moon and Martian energy can be an emotional force to be reckoned with! At it’s most intense, you could see the red planet’s passion erupt much like the fierce roar of a lioness protecting her cubs. For this reason, this astrological transit could serve as a truly potent learning opportunity in the art of emotional control.

You’ll be asked to channel any pent up feelings wisely, avoiding passive-aggressive tendencies, despite this seeming an obvious behavior to resort to. The same is true for other water signs Scorpio and Pisces, though with Cancerian energy in focus, it’s can feel more personal. So if your moods DO start spinning out of control, ask yourself: “What are you being shown? What can you learn about yourself in this moment? What do you most need, right now?”

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About Katherine Anne Lee

Katherine Anne Lee is a writer, truth-teller and edge walker. She specializes in reading, and guiding others through the energetic patterns and rhythms that spiral through our worlds. Katherine has spent almost a decade training in the lunar mysteries, and European Shamanic Practice, gathering extensive knowledge and experience in these esoteric arts. She offers practical tools and methods to help modern humans use and integrate this ancient wisdom, in a rapidly evolving world. Visit The Moon School

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