The next Full Moon is a Supermoon and occurs on February 19, 2019, at 0º of Virgo at the following times…

  • 07:53 PST
  • 10:53 EST
  • 15:53 GMT
  • 04:53 NZ (on Feb 20th)

The Closest Supermoon of 2019!

It’s time to greet our Lady Luna with open arms – there’s NO missing her this time! Are you ready for the largest and closest Supermoon of the year? With a little luck on our sides (that means no cloud cover this time… please!) we’ll be able to see her epic, glowing orb rise clear over the horizon and moon-gaze til our hearts are content. But, don’t get distracted for too long by the sight. There’s work to be done, starlings…

The energy of Virgo is unmistakable

Full Moons in any of the earth signs (Taurus, Virgo & Capricorn) have a particular kind of pull on us, after all, we’re also of the earth –made from real, tangible, solid matter, just like our planet is. But a Full Moon in Virgo has its own, very special energetic resonance, one that also invites us into action.


Virgo – the wise facilitator

In the art of astrology, Virgo holds a highly purifying, organizing, sort-your-life-out kind of energy. Grounding and anchoring us firmly into the here and now with its powerful mutability, Virgo shows us what needs to be done.

And how to do it. 

It’s a sign that also serves as a gate-keeper, it’s the wise facilitator who stands at the crossing point between states of being, shepherding us through the transformations that are inevitable… but that we still somehow resist. But it’s not overly woo-woo or mystic, it doesn’t have to journey with us to distant realms to show us who to become. Virgo’s influence is, like our embodied, incarnate experience, graspable, measurable and unambiguous.

This powerful Full Supermoon comes at a pivotal time, to show us exactly what needs to be refined, removed, streamlined and clarified into completion in our own lives.  Full Moons are always points of powerful illumination, so whatever it is in your life that needs the Virgo touch, will be revealed under this lunation. Whatever needs to be looked at and attended to in a practical, hands-on, grounded way, will find its way into the spotlight.


Keep your Eyes on the Big Picture

Ruled by Mercury, Virgo energy can be nervy, restless and nit-pickingly jittery, but don’t let this knock you off center. It can be all too easy to let your mind get distracted by the details, instead of your soul taking in the big picture. So during this lunar phase, try to find places on your personal timeline to pause. To listen. To widen your gaze. And then to prioritize.


Yet Another 0º Full Moon

This is an exceptionally powerful time to bring your attention BACK to the self, back to your body, your health, your home, your work: to the physical space you take up in the world.

As the fourth of five consecutive full Moons at 0º of their signs, you’ve likely heard astrologers talking about the critical degrees (0º and 29º) as the places where huge transformation occurs. These are the crux points of radical endings and beginnings, those gates of change and transformation that the energy of Virgo so reliably keeps.

So here, now, this powerful, critical, zero-degree Moon is serving as an invitation to make some personal changes. Virgo is asking you to honor the gift of physicality that you have been given, and to reflect on whether you’re using it wisely.


Chiron hits 0º of Aries – the Ignition Spark for Healing

With the asteroid Chiron having just moved from Pisces into Aries and currently sitting at 0º of the sign of the ram, there a powerful initiating healing urge also flowing through the cosmos right now. Chiron partners with Virgo to encourage the necessary analysis, the reflection, the work that’s needed for healing and purification.

It sounds like big work, doesn’t it?

The Supermoon, the critical degrees, the wounded healer coming into play… But sometimes, it’s the simple rituals, the everyday ingredients and the most methodical practices that actually allow the greatest shifts to occur. This is one of those times.

Your Virgo Full Moon Ritual – A Lunar Elixir for Purification

This is a simple ritual to aid and support the cleansing, purifying, transitioning momentum of this zodiac sign.

It uses fresh mint which is an everyday herb which is often overlooked, but in fact, it contains very robust soothing, clarifying and protective properties. Mint is also associated with the planet Mercury – Virgo’s ruler – so this is the perfect time to be using it for a Full Moon ritual.



  • A candle and something to light it with
  • Incense, sage, Palo Santo or smudge of any kind
  • Fresh mint leaves
  • a jug of water – spring, mineral or distilled water are best
  • A glass jar with a lid
  • a spoon or something else to stir with


  • First gather together everything you need. If it’s clear and dry, make a space outside under the Moonlight, otherwise find somewhere next to a window.
  • Light the candle and burn the incense, sage or Palo Santo to cleanse the energy and create a sacred space in which to work.
  • Take a few slow, deep breaths to ground and center yourself, and if you want to, call in the directions, elements, and any other Spirit guides, totems, ancestors or light beings to support and inspire you.
  • Pick up the mint, take a moment to inhale its fresh, harmonizing scent and place the leaves into the glass jar.
  • Say out loud ” With these leaves, I purify…To what doesn’t serve me, I say goodbye”
  • Now with your left hand, pour the water from the jug into the jar of mint leaves, and with your right hand, stir it in an anticlockwise direction.
  • Keep saying the spell out loud as you stir.
  • When you feel complete (after, say, 20 repetitions) stop stirring and put the lid on the jar.
  • Thank any spirits or allies you invited in, and release them.
  • Leave your lunar elixir in full view of the Moon for either a few hours or overnight. If you leave it overnight, be sure to retrieve the jar before the Sun comes up. Don’t forget to also remove the mint leaves from the elixir.


Now you have a lunar elixir, charged with the essence of mint, it can be used for any number of magical (and not so magical) purposes! Here are some suggestions

  • Place a few drops in your water or herbal tea, to bring clarity.
  • Anoint your third eye or crown chakra during meditation, to help clear away mental chatter and encourage stillness.
  • Place a few drops in your bathwater to encourage physical purification and detox. You could also add some to your washcloth when rinsing your face for clear skin.
  • Decant some of the elixir into a smaller jar or bowl and place on the threshold of your home or workplace, to encourage that which you no longer need in your life to exit.

Realize that this is a potent tool, so using it will usher in change. The key is not to resist what starts moving around in your life. If things need to go, let them go.

You should also be aware that your elixir won’t stay fresh forever. If you’re going to ingest it, make sure you do so within the first two weeks of having made it (so before the next New Moon). Otherwise, store it somewhere special – it is a sacred item, it doesn’t belong at the back of a cupboard!

When you’ve created this lunar elixir, share your results with our community in the comments below. But for now, tell us, what are you going to release with the waning Moon? What are you ready to let go of?

Full Moon blessings to you.