Your power lies at your centre.

At the zero point of your life, before movement or momentum or action begin.

Like the lioness, silently stalking her pray before she pounces, or the falcon riding air currents before diving to take his prize, your power lies in those moments when you are unwaveringly present.

At the time of this Full Moon, Chiron also sits at the zero point.

This minor outer planet, whose highly elliptical orbit lies between Saturn and Uranus, has just exited from 8 long years in Pisces, into fiery, youthful Aries and currently sits there, at zero degrees. The Aries point, a node of initiation and impulse: the short, quiet moment before things get moving.

Chiron sets the tone.

Known as the wounded healer, it activates our deepest pain points, takes us on a journey through our own sense of injustice, unfairness and victimhood, inviting us to heal as the first step to reclaiming personal power.

As it moves on through Aries (from now until 2027) we’ll feel the urge to fight, resist, confront and transform from role of victim to victor, of our own story, and of the collective healing story. But for now, we all sit at zero degrees, powerless and at the same time so awesomely powerful.

Scorpio Full Moon.

On April 29th, at 17:58 PT (01:58 BST on the 30th) we will see a Full Moon at 9º of Scorpio.

Scorpio is the deepest, most intense of all water signs and rules issues of power, money, sex and survival. The most primal of signs, it is also the one which holds its energy with the most stillness.

A Full Moon shines a spotlight, and here in Scorpio, this spotlight partners with Chiron, to illuminate things which we normally repress, hide or disown. And like every other Full Moon, this one invites us to release what we find. But this work (and the revelation of our darkness) needs us to embody the deep stillness of Scorpio, which means to stop rushing and doing and achieving for a little while. But our modern world makes it seem so very hard to stop the momentum and take your eye off the prize. Fear of missing out, losing out or just plain, simple failure can make it excruciatingly difficult to step off the treadmill.

But you must.

The work begins.

This Scorpio Full Moon is an initiation into healing, and an invitation to do the real work.

As the sign of the mystic, Scorpio understands transformation, but transformation can only come from sitting with the truth of our emotions, our reality, our fear and our pain, and feeling it all deeply.

Let the energy of this Full Moon move through you.

This deep, gentle work is unfamiliar to so many of us, living in the structured and machine-like world of today.

But it’s important.

So here are three practices to help you embody some of this highly transformational lunar energy.

1. Connect with water

Spend time with the element of water in a naturally occurring form.

Drive to a lake, river or the ocean and sit close by, observing its movements, its sound, its smell, even its taste. If it’s warm and safe enough, why not get in, allowing it to surround and submerge your body?

Give yourself a sensory experience, without trying to rationalise, intellectualise or figure anything out.

This practice can be incredibly healing because your body has a wisdom of its own – one which can’t be understood by the mind – and allowing it to connect to the elemental world will trigger this wisdom. It’s how your body will remember its own healing and transformational abilities. Check out this article for more insight.

2. Automatic writing

If you find it difficult to switch off your mind and move into more feminine ways of being (and I mean deep, embodied feminine ways, not the shallow, stereotypical femininity depicted and encouraged in the media) then automatic writing could be a fantastic way in. Begin with a question or intention, and then slowly relax your mind and enter an open, receptive state. With a pen on paper (it’s not ideal to attempt this on a keyboard, though is possible) simply write. It doesn’t need to be in sentences or even make sense. The idea is to simply connect to the free flow of insight moving through you.

This is a particularly powerful practice for the Full Moon, as it’s already a naturally illuminating time. When you feel complete, stop. And when you’re ready, look back over what was written and see if you can interpret any meaning or messages. Check out this article for more guidance.

3. Dance

You don’t need to know any steps. You don’t need to have had any training.

As soon as you move your feet, the body begins to heal itself, so put on some tunes that you love, and begin!

Dance is probably the best way to bring embodiment and, yes, inner stillness! Because there is no better way to be present, to call back in your energy and power from all of the places you’ve scattered and left it, than this.

This Full Moon will be potent.

It will likely be emotional and opening, so take care, find your stillness and stay there a while.

Full Moon blessings,