Understanding the energy of water

In Shamanic traditions around the world, each of the 4 elements (Air, Fire, Water and Earth) hold different properties and play different roles in the modes of creation and destruction.

They express strength and supremacy in certain areas and weaknesses in others. They carry concepts distinct from those of each other element, and these reverberate through all levels of our experience.

You’re probably familiar with the physical properties of water, but what about its emotional, or purely energetic characteristics?

Do you know how it feels when water is allowed to flow energetically through your being? Or how it feels when it’s blocked?

NO? Well, read on to find out…

Physical Water

On a physical level, there are SO many lessons we can gain from the element of water. And as with all of the elements, the best way to learn them is to take our physical selves and go and BE in their environment. When you do this, you’ll very quickly see that the nature of water can change rapidly and radically, according to the conditions it finds.

Water can manifest as an ocean or a river – as a trickling mountain spring, a wide-mouthed estuary or anything in between. Water can take the form of a glacier, frozen solid in sub-zero temperatures; and under pressure in the sky can form a myriad of different cloud formations, not to mention rain and snow.

Water is shape-shifting.

Water responds fluidly and willingly to whatever it encounters. It adopts forms, it can be made to hold any shape but over time it will escape, it will wear way its obstacle.

Spend time with the many different physical manifestations of water over the next year, as Jupiter spends time with Scorpio. Whenever you feel stuck and unsure of how to proceed in your life, expose yourself to this element, and allow its wisdom to lead you to freedom.

Emotional Water

Water will always seek out the lowest level that it can. This is true on the physical plane (think of how deep down into the Earth’s core a river will flow if it can find a route) and it’s also true also emotionally, as water’s emotional aspect encourages us to feel deeply. Those people with a lot of water in their charts and their personal make-up rarely enjoy small talk for long, no, they want you to share your deepest desires, and reveal the hidden stirrings of your heart!

So on this level of our beings, embracing water can help us to know, to understand, to move and to clear out emotions that are stuck.

Soul Water

On a soul level, water encompasses all that we share and all that flows between us. Water weaves through the collective unconscious making up our dreams, our mythology, our archetypes and the elusive poetry of our intuition.

We can embrace water here on this energetic level, by surrendering and trusting the unknown: By not needing to have all the answers or control what happens next in the world. Just as water will always, eventually, find its equilibrium, even (and especially) after the fiercest storms have dredged up the dross from the murky depths, so the energetic realms are also seeking this end.

Spirit has a plan, and water teaches us to trust it, even when it’s invisible to the human eye.

Uncovering a personal connection to water

These are starting points. Shamanically, the element of water will mean different things to you, than it will to me, so I encourage you to be the explorer and swim it its magic for yourself. It’s the best way to uncover the personal guidance that YOU need!

So I hope you’ve been inspired to embrace the shamanic wisdom of water, as it rises and expands for the next year of Jupiter’s journey.

Has reading this sparked any insights for you?

Share your wisdom with the community, so we can grow and evolve together!

~ Katherine

Image above courtesy of Tash Capstick.