The Sun and Moon have entered the most future-focussed air sign of the Zodiac: Aquarius, lifting the heavy Capricornian weight from our collective shoulders. At least a little of it…

The New Moon occurs on February 11th, 2021 at 22º of Aquarius at the following times…

On February 11

  • 11:05 in Los Angeles
  • 14:04 in New York
  • 20:05 in Paris
  • 22:05 in Moscow

On February 12

  • 00:35 in Delhi
  • 03:05 in Hong Kong
  • 04:05 in Tokyo
  • 06:05 in Sydney

First of all… what IS Aquarius?

Aquarius carries an energy that’s collectively focused – its highest potential isn’t about personal growth or gains, but about community.

Yet Aquarius is also a sign of uniqueness and individuality. It’s about celebrating the diversity that makes up the whole. Anything less than authentic doesn’t have a place here. The sign of the water-bearer isn’t afraid to call out fakery and point out where things aren’t working. Ruled by Uranus, it holds disruptive energy: an energy that will ruffle feathers, and rattle the cages of anyone blind to the truth.

And speaking of ruffled feathers…

What should be a time for powerful intentions and new beginnings will instead be riddled with fear, confusion, and doubt… all thanks to our good ‘ol pal – Mercury. Now this is a very powerful New Moon. And when I say very powerful… I’m telling you, this bad boy has four planets hanging out in its sign and a New Moon. So basically, this Aquarian energy is poppin’. 

With Saturn, Jupiter, Venus, and Mercury all visiting Aquarius at the same time as the New Moon – what we should be expecting is a New Moon full of positivity, connection, love, reliability, patience, and beautiful new beginnings… (wow… sounds pretty damn amazing doesn’t it? )

Well, the joke’s on us because Mercury stationed retrograde on January 30th – which means that all of these planets are going to be feeling just a little bit… out of sorts. And – yep – that means you will too.

Here’s how each of these planets will impact you during this electrical New Moon in Aquarius… and how you can still make the best of a bad… bad… situation.

Mercury at 16 degrees Aquarius

Ah yes, the “problem child” of the Zodiac… Now to be fair, this isn’t really Mercury’s fault (okay, maybe it is… a little bit). But instead of flat out blaming Mercury, let’s just call this… Mercury is in the wrong place at the wrong time (again). With Mercury stationed in retrograde motion, you can expect to be feeling a lot more internal tension than normal. Mercury represents our thinking brains (you know like logic, reasoning, and communication)… so when Earth is lapping its orbit, Mercury’s typical characteristics are flipped-flopped. This means we’re not really going to know what to think of everything that’s happening around us… we’ll feel confused, we’ll have misunderstandings, and we won’t quite be able to connect the dots. And because Aquarius is the sign of people and community – this, unfortunately, means that we’ll be misunderstanding the world (and people) around us too.

Venus at 12 degrees Aquarius

This would typically be quite a favorable cosmic alignment – actually has a whole lot of wrong going on for it right now… Not only is Mercury’s retrograde going to be causing misunderstandings and confusion in the area of love and relations, but Venus is also squaring off with Uranus. This means that you’re probably going to feel bored in your relationships and ready to start something new (hey look! a new moon is a perfect time for that… right?) Wrong! Remember that Mercury is stationed retrograde, which means that you can’t take everything at face value right now. You’re cautioned not to do anything drastic or sudden during this New Moon… because the new beginning you think that you want might not be the greener grass you were hoping for.

Jupiter at 12 degrees Aquarius

Another cosmic alignment that is typically beneficial… Jupiter represents positivity, growth, expansion, and even miracles! And notice that Jupiter is at the same position as Venus in Aquarius… which means that – yep – Jupiter is also squaring down with Uranus. Now, Uranus is the planet of drastic and sudden change… it comes along to break up old systems and shake up the status quo (which is good… right?) But once again, Mercury will be causing tension and confusion here as well. You’ll likely be feeling an unsatiable urge for freedom and change – but the question is, can you trust it? Or is Mercury messing with your logic and reasoning?

Saturn at 6 degrees Aquarius

And finally, we have our rigid guardian… Saturn. As you probably already know, Saturn and Uranus only square off once every 22 years. And it’s always a battle of old versus new… control versus freedom… structure versus expansion. On its own, this is a difficult alignment to deal with already, because – well – change is hard and uncomfortable. It’s necessary, yes, but that doesn’t make the growing pains any less severe. And once again, you may be thinking that this alignment happening in conjunction with the New Moon is a great thing! And maybe it is… but not if Mercury is stirring up feelings of fear and doubt (which, spoiler alert – it is).

So the real question now is – what the h*** are you supposed to do? 

There is absolutely no doubt that the planetary alignments happening in Aquarius and Taurus are giving this New Moon a powerful vibration of change, expansion, and growth. But we cannot just absent-mindedly start something new, end something old, or begin a new chapter in our life right now… because Mercury is also playing house in Aquarius, and it’s stirring up a lot of confusion.

So before you make any of the drastic changes that Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus are begging you to take action on… first, sit down and really think of what you’re considering. Make a pros and cons list, then walk away from it for a couple of hours and come back… how do you feel after giving yourself some time and space from that thought?

If you’re experiencing feelings of fear, doubt, or confusion – it’s best to put this decision off until Mercury stations direct on February 20th (that’s right, you only have to wait NINE DAYS!) However, if it’s something you still passionately want and you feel confident and optimistic about it, then chances are that’s a decision that is in alignment with your true purpose. So go ahead and act on it – but slowly – you do not need to rush through anything right now (or ever for that matter).

And don’t forget that you can (and should) still practice your New Moon ritual. Regardless of Mercury’s bad boy attempts, this New Moon is still extremely powerful – so don’t miss your opportunity to seize it for all that it’s worth. (But maybe wait just a few more days before you start implementing anything new, or making any drastic changes!)

Regardless, the Aquarian energy we’re facing means that the future is BRIGHT, BOLD, and right within our reach.

New Moon blessings to you.

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