No matter what your sign is, everyone will be feeling the power and influence of the Aquarius Moon several days each month. It is the time when people are more inclined to march to the beat of their drum. Aquarius is never a cookie-cutter. This lunar allergy will force us to figure out what is inside us that makes us unique so we can boldly share it with the world.

Aquarians are considered social butterflies. They make friends quickly and influence people wherever they go. It shouldn’t come as a surprise since Aquarius is the ruler of the 11th house, which is the house of friendships. When the moon moves into this sociable sign, you will feel the urge to connect with your friends, make plans, and enjoy the company of those around you.

You might also be feeling that the Aquarius Moon is making you a tad bit rebellious and spontaneous. You will be craving freedom and distraction from your regular life. If you think that you’ve been stuck in a rut, it is a time when you should change up your routine and break old habits.

New Moon in Aquarius

New Moons are rather emotional cycles. It is the time to plant seeds for whatever you want to happen next. The future-forward Aquarius new Moon encourages people to cut ties from the past or things that they still feel hung up on. Aquarius is a cool and detached sign and is ideal for making a clean break from things that are no longer serviceable so we can confidently step into the next phase of our lives.

People’s innovative spirit will be off the charts with the unconventional Aquarius new moon. This brainy sign has a remarkable ability to expand perceptions and come up with incredible ideas. Aquarius sometimes innovates so far ahead that they seem impractical. However, the new moon energy helps us to be in touch with the practical world so that we can apply these groundbreaking ideas on earth.

If you were born with the Moon in Aquarius

The moon in Aquarius is considered an oddity because it is about intuition and gut instincts you do not think about. It is the ruler of moods and how we respond to things emotionally. But the irony here is that Aquarius is an air sign and more concerned with mental functions rather than the mess of human emotions. But it doesn’t mean that those with their lunar sign in Aquarius don’t have feelings. But their feelings are more conceptual rather than intellectual.

Lunar Aquarians have extraordinary powers of observation. Their minds are always constantly on alert, trying to determine why people do things the way they do. Their curiosity applies to other areas of life as well, and they enjoy learning about different fields such as science, mechanics, and technology. They enjoy knowing how things work. They might even take things apart to discover the mystery behind it, then put it all back together.

Aquarius Moon sign individuals are natural humanitarians and are often involved in philanthropy of some kind. They are egalitarians and have firm beliefs about the welfare of others as well as human rights. Never let the aloof exterior of this water bearer fool you. Lunar Aquarians are deeply passionate about helping others. However, they keep their cool and objectivity to avoid getting caught up emotionally in all the drama.