Are you ready to b-r-e-a-t-h-e?

The Sun and Moon have entered the most future-focussed air sign of the Zodiac: Aquarius, lifting the heavy Capricornian weight from our collective shoulders. At least a little of it…

We’ve moved through some major constriction over the recent eclipse season. So this New Moon comes to sweep away the cobwebs, and lift up your gaze to what’s up on the horizon ahead.

The New Moon occurs on January 24, 2020, at 4º of Aquarius at the following times…

On January 24

  • 13:41 in Los Angeles
  • 16:41 in New York
  • 21:41 GMT
  • 22:41 in Paris/Johannesburg

On January 25

  • 00:41 in Moscow
  • 02:41 in Delhi
  • 05:41 in Hong Kong
  • 06:41 in Tokyo
  • 08:41 in Sydney
  • 10:41 Aukland

The Sun has not long been in Aquarius.

Entering this revolutionary sign mere days ago (on January 20) it’s currently nestled into the very first few degrees of this both complex and clarifying sign. This is the only time this year that Sun and Moon will come together here. And it comes as a powerful prequel to some of the shifts coming up later in 2020.

What IS Aquarius?

Aquarius carries an energy that’s collectively focused – its highest potential isn’t about personal growth or gains, but about community.

Yet Aquarius is also a sign of uniqueness and individuality. It’s about celebrating the diversity that makes up the whole. Anything less than authentic doesn’t have a place here. The sign of the water-bearer isn’t afraid to call out fakery and point out where things aren’t working. Ruled by Uranus, it holds a disruptive energy: an energy that will ruffle feathers, and rattle the cages of anyone blind to the truth.

Its energy comes as a stark (and welcome!) contrast to the heaviness of control that an abundance of Capricorn energy has brought recently. With Saturn, Pluto, and the south node, clustered in this earth sign of structure and limitation for most of the last 6 months, not to mention Jupiter’s ingress into Cap late last year, it’s been impossible to escape!

Yet the clouds are breaking! So here are 6 ways to embrace the revolution, just in time for the Aquarius New Moon.

1. Embrace the Race – Air Energy Overtakes Earth

Let’s think about the differences between earth and air for a moment:

  • Earth has weight. It’s rich, slow (or seemingly unmoving) and holds layers of the past. It’s also a building material – it’s essential for creation, building, and creating form and containers for the other elements.
  • Air is weightless. It rises. It expands to fill spaces. It’s also a tool of interconnection – your breath (i.e the amount of air you take into your body) connects you to every other being who also breathes.

This year, in 2020, we make the collective shift from the prevailing weight of Earth, to the breath of Air.

All those planets and points bunched up in Capricorn are parting ways, and graduating into the Zodiac sign of Aquarius.

2. Put Your Foot on the Gas!

The shift will begin in earnest when Saturn enters Aquarius on March 23. Then later on (much later) when Jupiter leaves Capricorn on Dec 19.

Yet this New Moon, opening up a brand new lunar cycle, is leading the way. It’s an opportunity to dip your toe in the water, tap into that intuition, and feel into what this new energy holds for you.

Number 1 for most folks, will be speed. Aquarius energy will make everything feel faster compared to red-tape and tradition-seeped Capricorn. So if it’s felt like life is dragging its heels for too long, get ready to fire up those cylinders!


This New Moon forms a double-pronged attack, in the shape of Uranus’ disruptive, awakening energy. Aquarius’ ruling planet sits at 2º of Taurus, forming a square to Sun and Moon at 4º of Aquarius.

Squares are edgy aspects, with all planets vying for primacy.

Yet both corners of this square of the sky are battling with the same end in mind. So expect new ideas, original breakthroughs, and pathways appearing where before there were only dead ends.

  • Open up your mind to new ways of seeing and being.
  • What perspectives have you been failing to see?
  • What opportunities have you been avoiding?

4. Keep Working With the Saturn Pluto Conjunction

OK, it’s not quite over yet. And this means there’s still work to do.

The effects of the dramatic Saturn Pluto conjunction on January 12 ripple on (and will follow us through the year!) so the squeeze you’ve been feeling isn’t about to disappear overnight. As you well know.

This astrology is forcing you to dig deep (Pluto) and re-structure (Saturn). So don’t abandon this work. Instead, use Aquarius’ influence at this New Moon to fuel you:

  • Look to the future.
  • What is the life you desire to step into?
  • What does it look like, feel like, and sound like and taste like?
  • WHO are you sharing it with? And how can you serve them, and build a bridge for others to walk with you?
  • What tools, and technologies will support you as you step up?

5. Activate Your Crown Chakra

As ruler of the upper chakras (throat, pineal, and crown), Aquarius always brings a potent opportunity to work consciously on activating these energy centers.

Whether or not the sign of the water bearer features in your Horoscope, expect flashes of insight, intuitive hits and signs from Spirit, all streaming down from above, during this New Moon.

Try not to overload your eyes and your mind with a lot of TV, and social media.

This is a good time to keep those channels clean, clear and receptive so that you become a vessel for the high-frequency information and guidance coming your way.

Clear and open your crown chakra by diffusing lavender essential oil, and placing very clear (high vibrational) stones like amethyst, quartz or white calcite around your head whilst you sleep or meditate.

Related:5 Crown Chakra Balancing Tips for Becoming the Queen That You Are

6. Don’t Leave Your Heart Behind

In case there was any danger of the mind taking over here, astrology provides a beautiful aspect to anchor in that heart.

At 13º of Pisces, Venus conjuncts Neptune, at 16º. It’s a gentle, creative, love-infused aspect that’s going to help keep any of us from abandoning our centers.

Aquarian energy rises (remember?) whilst this astrology gently pulls us back.

So lead from this place: your heart. Don’t forget, that Aquarius shares its astrological axis with Leo, sitting there on the other end of this same spectrum, and Leo is all heart.

So set your lunar intentions, make your wishes, and write down your goals from this powerful place of wonder and love.

There are bright things ahead, star seekers! The future is within our grasp, and Aquarius is leading the way.

New Moon blessings to you.

About Katherine Anne Lee

Katherine Anne Lee is a writer, truth-teller and edge walker. She specializes in reading, and guiding others through the energetic patterns and rhythms that spiral through our worlds. Katherine has spent almost a decade training in the lunar mysteries, and European Shamanic Practice, gathering extensive knowledge and experience in these esoteric arts. She offers practical tools and methods to help modern humans use and integrate this ancient wisdom, in a rapidly evolving world. Visit The Moon School

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