Your Personalized Angel Messages this week are about abandonment.

So, we’ll be honing in on this vibration to see where you feel like you’ve been abandoned in your life. Do you feel like you’ve been abandoned by loved ones or your friends or your partner? Do you feel like you’ve been abandoned by your Angel Guides? Has the feeling been there since you were a child and how has it impacted your life?

We are going to ask for guidance from our Angels, as feelings of abandonment could be affecting many areas of your life without you even realizing it.

So, put your hands on your heart like angel wings and invite your Angels to guide you to Message #1, #2 or #3. Remember, you can also ask your Angels to guide you to a specific point in the video and navigate to that point for a special message.

Abandonment Message #1


strength aura soma cardPinIn Aura Soma, 89 is called the rescue bottle, with red on top and deep magenta on the bottom.

This card brings a vibration of the lion and courage, but the message here is saying that maybe you’re setting yourself apart from others and you are creating a boundary around yourself. You may be feeling a little bit frustrated with others. You may be feeling a little angry that things are not quite going your way. You’re almost segregating yourself.

This card is saying that you feel like you don’t have the energy to deal with the situations in your life right now, and that lack of energy is coming from abandonment. You feel like you don’t have the support you need or that your needs are being met. So, that abandonment is creating an energy in your life and it may well be that it is preventing you from moving forward.

It’s a little bit like homeopathy: The message is that the color red is going to support you and help you understand where you need to look to heal your abandonment. And red relates to your root chakra, so you must look at this area of your life to feel your abandonment feelings. Ground yourself and invite in a feeling of belonging.

The vibration of strength with this card shows that you have so much more power than you even know. This is saying, stand in your power root yourself into the earth, realize that you are here for a reason and you have a job to do. Now it’s time to start pulling your friends in close and letting down your boundaries and barriers. This is about being on the same level as those people, whether they be friends, family or your colleagues. Stop putting yourself in a place beyond them which is untouchable.

Abandonment Message #2

Knight of Wands

king of wands aura soma cardsPinThis card is saying that you have been through some change, especially just recently. But in spite of this change, you’re still missing something, even if you’re not sure what it is.

The change is trying to remind you of this ‘missing’ energy to make you think about what you need to now draw back into your life. It’s like the Knight here is searching for the Holy Grail and he feels like he’s all alone in his quest. I feel like this is telling you that you need to find your tribe or your community: those souls that are going to support you as you look for that Holy Grail, whether it be an elusive love or gift or past life energy – whatever it is that you are missing in your life right now.

This card is showing that you’ve done so much work but there’s still something that needs to come to the surface here.

Gold shows you that there is a golden opportunity; the violet is a connection to the energy of Spirit.

There’s a vibration of Archangel Jeremiel here who will help you review and look at your life. Jeremiel will show you where you have succeeded and where you need to improve in your life.

Your main message here is that even though you feel like you may be alone in your journey to figure out what it is you need from life, you’re really not alone. You have a support team in Spirit and they are guiding you to help you find what it is you need. So, you need to open up to receive that.

Finally, it’s important that you don’t have a set vision of what your ideal tribe looks like because there will be lots of opportunities and it may not be what you expect- just be open to receive all these different energies.

Abandonment Message #3

Guardian angel

guardian angel aura soma cardPinThe guardian angel indicates that you are heading in the right direction! Yippee!

The lilac energy is about transmutation, so this is saying is that you’re changing your identity and becoming lighter. The blue vibration shows that you may feel a bit lonely along this path – you know that you have a very strong connection to spirit, you have enormous capacity to help others, but you may just feel alone.

Your Angels are saying that you are not alone, you have your Spirit Team with you. And it’s not just your Spirits, I feel like there are people dotted around who are starting to come into your life who really resonate with your true self. I feel you’re going to be letting go of people in your life who have taken this journey with you so far but maybe can’t go any further.

This Guardian Angel is saying it’s okay to take that next step. It’s all going to be okay, it’s a safe space for you. You are being shown the way. You need to use your highly intuitive energy which can help you take the next step if you let it. These gifts, although they are very powerful, may have led you to feel lonely and abandoned in the past, but your Angels are telling you to use them for your own benefit because they are right there with you.