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When Angel signs are delivered in duplicate or triplicate this always has an amplified significance and relevance.  Therefore, when this type of ‘Angelic Magic’ occurs, the sign that has been presented is of tremendous importance to the receiver.

I would love to share an example of one amazing example of this ‘Angelic Amplification’ that I refer to as ‘Mirrored Magnification’.  The Angels love to do this using numbers on car number plates.

I remember receiving such a sign when I was in Adelaide for the Mind Body Psychic Expo some years ago.  My husband and I were out looking for somewhere to eat, we walked across a street and there right in front of us were two cars parked side by side.  The numbers on the license plates were: – 880 and 088 respectively.  These numbers were therefore presented in amplification like a ‘power sign’ really.  The numbers presented as if they were mirrored.

Can you just imagine the Divine intervention that came into play to get 2 cars with the same numbers let alone mirroring each other to park side by side in the exact street in Adelaide and for me to SEE it?  When I observed the number plates, I instantly knew that it was about abundance because I knew that the spiritual meaning of the number 8 was always about prosperity.  When I saw the two car’s I felt an overwhelming sense of ‘it’s A-OK’, because that was what I was thinking about at the exact time I saw the number sign.

The Angel Power Word = Money

“The Angels are here and announce to you that a gift from Heaven will be bestowed upon you in due course.  Allow your heart to open with gratitude and stand in readiness to receive.  The treasures associated with this gift will ripple consequently throughout your life for many years to come.  The prosperity Angels are with you now and are activating your financial flow of abundance from the “Angelic Vault of Heaven’.  As a result of this activation, you will see an increased flow of money into your life very soon.  Be ready and willing to receive this ‘Universal Currency’.

As you know the Angels are constantly downloading information to me that assists us all in interpreting our Angel Signs.  When I was in meditation, I asked about the presentation of this number sign and the Angels called it a “Mirrored Magnification”.  I then researched the symbolism of the Mirror.

‘The mirror symbolism alludes to ‘self-realization which reflects wisdom’.

The Angels have told me that ‘Spiritual Truth’ is always available to us and is often shown to us in a reflection or through reflection.

This is very interesting to me and makes a lot of sense because over the years I have worked as a nursing lecturer.  In nurse education, there has always been a huge emphasis placed on reflection of practice and journaling.

Till next time my advice is to get yourself a journal; a special one is great but an old exercise book can do just the same and start writing down the Angel signs that you receive. The answers will then follow!!

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