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Have you encountered your Angel sign? 

The other day I went to the fridge and guess what there was no food! That’s right, I had been head down in the Angel office for so long I had neglected to stock up on our supplies.  So, I decided enough is enough, time to go shopping.

I arrived at the shopping center and jumped out of the car with my focus purely on the list I had to get at the grocery shop.

Then all of a suddenly my attention was redirected to a tiny pink feather that was floating down a little way in front of me.  I watched in amazement. This is my favorite Angel sign of all time!

With ease and grace the little pink feather landed on the road just up in front of me.  I so, so, wanted to go and pick it up but I just knew someone was watching me.  I thought, “oh well I will just leave it there for someone else to find.”

I decided to go ahead and do my grocery shopping.  By the time I got out of the shops the sun was setting.  I arrived at my car and proceed to pack all my goodies into the car. I then return my trolley to the trolley bay just over from my car.  As I was walking back, I heard a lady say “Michelle is that you?”

I looked up saw that is was Mary.  Mary was in a nursing group ahead of me so she was one of my seniors when I was a student.  She was always so lovely to me as a student, I remember that fondly.  I hadn’t spoken with Mary for many years but I knew she had left nursing as I had seen her a few times over the years working in a haberdashery shop.

What a lovely conversation we had discussing our nursing years and the fact that we had both left the nursing profession now. We had a very personal and in-depth discussion about our nursing careers and reflected on how we were now called to serve people in other ways.

We talked fondly about our children and their achievements, our husbands and life in general.  Time just seem to stop still as we reminisced and reconnected.

It wasn’t until I got back in the car that I remembered the pink falling feather.

Yes, it landed right where we had our conversation! I will always fondly remember Mary’s Angel sign, Pink Falling Feather.

When the Angels leave you a certain colored feather it always has added energetic spiritual meaning that it is wise to take note of.  The Angels were telling me that I was about to meet an old friend and that we were to reconnect and reminisce.

I hope you enjoyed this true story, thank you so much for joining me here on my

Please let me know in the comments if the Angels have left you a feather recently?  Did you notice what color it was?

If you have any questions what so ever I am here to assist you.

Angel Blessings Always,

Michelle Newten ‘The Aussie Angel Lady’