This week the angel messages are about purpose. It’s all about your life purpose, your soul purpose – do you even know what your purpose is?

Place one or both of your hands over your heart and invite your angels to guide you to either MESSAGE 1, 2, or 3 to receive a message from their heart to yours. I’d LOVE to know how the messages speak to you and please share and pass on the ANGEL’S LOVE to your friends by gifting them with a message too. Thank you!


  • Angel Message #1 – 1:20
  • Angel Message #2 – 4:04
  • Angel Message #3 – 7:04

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law of attractionPin

As you think, so you attract. Keep your thoughts positive. Surround yourself with positive energy and positive people, and you will attract the same. Your purpose is connected to all those things you are attracted to – so think about what you are attracted to right now, what’s drawing your attention. All of the things you are attracted to are like the ingredients in the recipe of your purpose – so where are you being guided to, is it a place, a country or a person or an energy?

It might be that the things you are attracted to are manifesting your desire, your purpose – if your desire right now is to understand your purpose then you will be guided to it.



When it comes to your purpose the message from your Angel is that you must ask for help, guidance or support.  Your Angels and Guides are recognizing that you have free will to make your own choices and decisions, but they are awaiting your request for help.

If you feel a bit lost, or you don’t know which decision to make, or you don’t know how to create energy that allows you to be in a relationship that fulfills and supports you – just ask – your angels and guides are telling you to ask them for help and guidance and they are there for that purpose

Your intuition will guide you to make the right decisions or choices. The answers may not come to you in a loud way but more as feelings – the divine is guiding you to your purpose. The help and support may not be as obvious or direct as you want or expect it to be, but it will come, but just in different ways, if you allow the energy to help you.

Asking for help is an aspect of your purpose right now – your purpose is to just ask


focus on servicePin

If you desire right now is to be needed – to help, to support, to be there, to guide, to listen, to heal – then you are focusing on service.

The message here is that if you focus on service, it opens up a new energy for you – when you give you will receive.

Your purpose is to give what can – offer, share and think, “How can I help?” As you focus on that, you will be guided to where you are needed most. You’re an earth healer, a lightworker, a soul, a being who said you will be there, and your purpose is to do just that.