Your Personalized Angel Messages this week are all about transformation. We’re looking at where you are going through transformation in your life. What are the changes happening in your life right now? What is moving forward in your life? What is your next step? Why do you need to make changes and embrace transformation?

Transformation means many things to each of us. It can manifest mentally, emotionally or spiritually, so let’s see what your Angels have to say – what is your transformation?

Transformation Angel Message #1

archangel cassielPinArchangel Cassiel

You can see on this card, she has all of the animals and birds around, Anubis is also present. Anubis represents the edge of death and transforming into a new life.

There is an enormous amount of growth in this card. There’s all the energy about moving away from death and moving into life. There’s so much green on this card and this color symbolizes a new identity.

We also have Saturn also on the card which represents karma and moving beyond. It feels like you are shifting and changing. You’re coming into a new place of peace. There’s a sense here of memories coming up. It feels like you’re remembering where you come from. You may be doing some past-life therapy or healing.

I feel like the magic raven here shows that the animal spirits around you are reminding you that you can fly! You have freedom and it’s time to recognize that freedom. It’s almost like you need to move from the physical plane to the spiritual plane… to the next level.

There is a link with fertility in this card. This could be you being fertile with ideas or thoughts. You could be fertile physically or you could be fertile with abundance, especially with the green which opens your heart to receive more of that energy.

It’s like your Guardian Angel is looking after you and letting you know that the movement from the old to the new is the right step to take for you.

Transformational angel message #2


Hilarion is the most amazing healer. This is saying there’s a shift or a change… but you already knew there was! You’ve already been clearing away the clutter and getting rid of things that you didn’t need anymore. You’ve already been looking at which path to take.

There is a teacher energy with this card. And it could be saying that the natural path for you is to be a teacher or an educator. This teaching can come in a variety of different forms. It could even be as simple as a helpful comment on a post on Facebook. You need to share your knowledge and guidance and support in any way you can.

When I look at this, there’s an enormous amount of light, so an aspect of this card is saying that transformation is happening in your heart. You realize now that there’s something you either need to take to the next level or let go of.

There’s a little symbol on here for Saturn and that brings a sense of growth. You’re awakening and connecting with your heart and realizing where you want to go.

Transformational angel message #2

The magician

The magician has every tool available to him. He’s holding a crystal and it’s activating something for you. You’re being told that there’s an ascension energy. There’s a sense of transformation and you owning the path that you had set before yourself before you were born.

The magician energy is saying you can create an amazingly powerful life because you have all of the tools at your disposal. You are the most powerful force in your life and you can create the magic. It’s almost saying you’ve done it before and once you tap into this energy you can wake up your karma and follow your destined path.