The Knight of Pentacles symbolizes the qualities of stagnation and inertia that are unique to the element of Earth, which the suit of Pentacles represents. Earth is quite different from Air, Water and Fire, which all move, flow, expand and are shapeless. Earth on the other hand is fixed, dense and still. The Knight of Pentacles, as distinct from all three of the other Knights, does not move, but is almost stuck in place like he is glued to the ground. Furthermore he seems to ignore the Pentacle, again departing in behavior from the other Knights, who are all actively engaged with their respective magical objects.

Here is pictured the stifling effect which needs for money and security can sometimes lead to, or else the feeling of unhappiness and emptiness that we discover when we have overemphasized the importance of such things. Perhaps the Knight has just ended a long quest for this Pentacle; perhaps he has been fighting his way “up the ladder” for years, keeping his sights set upon attaining this Pentacle, and applying all the powers of steadfastness, perseverance, discipline and patience which are natural to the earth suit with unshakeable focus and determination. Yet upon finally attaining it, perhaps the Knight discovers that the gaping hole he was seeking to fill with these riches is still in fact a gaping hole. He gazes past the Pentacle which now bores him, as though wondering, “Now what?”

You may be over-materialistic right now, or neglecting your own spiritual, emotional or intellectual health for the sake of status, money, security or productivity. Perhaps you are continuing to fulfill an obligation or work at a job which no longer interests you, or “going through the motions” without really caring. Sometimes the ability to work effectively even when the work is unrewarding is a wonderful ability, for it proves our competence, seriousness and trustworthiness. Yet far too many of us resign ourselves to dull, stultifying or oppressive conditions for the sake of having income, maintaining security or simply out of a fear of trying something new.

Astrological Association:

The Knight of Pentacles card is connected to Jupiter in Taurus as a symbol of constancy, growth and augmentation of wealth.

Card meanings upright:

The Knight of Pentacles card can indicate a time of service and work in your life. You may be comfortable with a routine that is conservative and efficient, and you may be trusted with more responsibility at work soon. Now is not a time to shy away from more work, but instead complete your duties with a high level of attention to details.

Card meanings reversed:

When the Knight of Pentacles card is reversed, it can represent sloppiness, bitterness, or envy in your life. You, or someone you know, may be tight with money and trying to gain an advantage in wealth by excessively flattering others in positions of power. You may be experiencing frustration with stagnant finances or have problems arise in your travels.

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The Knight of Pentacles card represents a time for respecting established, traditional systems at work in order to accomplish the things you need to do. If you are looking for work, you may find a new position following a dependable and even-keel interview.

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The Knight of Pentacles card may represent responsibility and duty in your love life. If you are in a committed relationship, you may need to work closely with your partner to get through rough times in your relationship. If you are looking for love, you may need to vary your routine or spend time in new places to meet someone new.

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The Knight of Pentacles card can indicate that you may have money coming to you soon through a raise, an inheritance, or a lottery win. Now is not a good time to bet more than you can afford to lose though.

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The Knight of Pentacles card may mean that you are feeling spiritually overwhelmed and may not be able to identify the reason why. You may need to break your feelings into small, more manageable pieces to find peace and balance once more.

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