The Page of Pentacles is an image of a young apprentice studying hard to learn a skill, or perhaps a new job or trade. He has tremendous curiosity and confidence and pursues objects of the physical realm in order to understand different realms of knowledge, as well as develop potentially financially viable skills. The intensity with which he gazes at the Pentacle suggest being present with his physical senses and also being honest, curious and objective about practical reality. He is not concerned with his own subjective impression, like perhaps the Page of Cups is; instead he actually invested in discovering the true nature of the reality around him. Find something you are genuinely curious about. You will work to a higher standard if you are doing something you are actually fascinated by. Do not perform work that bores you to death just for the sake of a paycheck.

You may need to develop a new skill, trade or area of expertise. Be studious, inquisitive, diligent, persevering and self-motivated. Find a good teacher and apprentice to him or her. This card may represent some one in your life who embodies these qualities of curiosity, fascination, diligence and pragmatism, or some one who is newly embarking on a course of study. It may be advising you to do more research, or more preliminary logistical work in the situation you are asking about.

The card may also represent a gift, including money, if we take the card to be literally showing some one embracing a cherished possession. In more esoteric cases, the Page of Pentacles may indicate a new appreciation or exploration of ritual Magick, earth spells, homeopathy or natural phenomena.

Astrological Association:

The Page of Pentacles is connected to Uranus / Venus as a symbol of unexpected, but extremely valuable chances.

Card meanings upright:

The Page of Pentacles card indicates that you may be reinventing yourself in some way. You may have an opportunity to start something new, such as a job, course of study, business, or creative venture. While you may not be an expert, you likely have very clear goals and dreams you want to achieve. Now is a good time to focus on making your dreams into realities through hard work and learning more about what you need to fulfill your aspirations. Abounding possibilities will likely enchant you, but you may not be ready to pursue anything that does not have practical implications in your life.

Card meanings reversed:

When the Page of Pentacles card is reversed, it can represent issues with learning or problems with studying in your life. You may be witnessing wasted talent, unrealistic ambitions, or intellectual snobbery. You or someone you know may care too much about money and limit abundance and sharing. You may receive bad news regarding money, business, or health during this time.


The Page of Pentacles card may mean that you have more work to do than time to do it. You may need to release any despair you are feeling, and just roll up your sleeves to get the work done. If you are feeling overwhelmed, you may need to remind yourself to take things slow and steady until you’re finished, and ask for help if you need it.


The Page of Pentacles card may signify lost luster in your love life. If you are in a committed relationship, this may not mean your relationship is over, but that it needs care and attention to shine once more. If you are looking for love, but don’t seem to be meeting anyone of interest, you may need to examine your heart and see if you are need to let go of an ex before moving forward.


The Page of Pentacles card may mean that you will receive rewards in your financial life as a result of good, old-fashioned hard work. Now is not a good time for gambling or unrealistic financial ventures. If you are not being fairly compensated for your hard work, now may be a good time for a change.


The Page of Pentacles card may mean that you need to examine the things that excite or interest you in your spiritual journey. You may need to explore paths that are unfamiliar or unconventional to find your enthusiasm, or find an upbeat, spiritually aware mentor to talk with and learn from.

The Gilded Tarot Deck by Ciro Marchetti © 2004 Llewellyn Worldwide, Ltd. 2143 Wooddale Drive, Woodbury, MN 55125.  All rights reserved, used by permission.