The World signifies unification of inner being and outer reality, feeling “in synch” with the universe, experiences of euphoria or ecstasy, and deep and profound enlightenment. The World represents the mutuality of microcosm and macrocosm, and one’s ability to see a piece of his own spirit in everyone and everything around him.

The mind of man is but a tiny piece of the grand unity of the entire universe, and yet the entire universe also exists within each individual. Cosmological teachings like Astrology prove this to us. We are all made of the same divine energy, and with this card, one possesses a cosmic understanding of the meaning of the events of his life, and how they fit into the whole of his spiritual evolution, or even into all of reality itself. This is the state of being experienced by sages, mystics and monks, yet this interconnectedness of life is not an abstract mental concept, but something felt and experienced. This is symbolized by the fact that the figure on the card is not studying, not contemplating, not organizing— but dancing in the center of creation.

Even while the spirit of card is profound and philosophical, it is also deeply playful. The boundaries between inner desire and outer reality are gone, as one experiences his life as the natural, joyous outcome of the unity of his inner being. The World dancer transcends all polarity, opposites, conflicts and paradox. There is no inner against outer, no male against female, no youth against age. At once wise and yet also innocent, the World dancer possesses everything and nothing all at once.

In a reading, which usually concern more ordinary, mundane matters, this card simply indicates success, spiritual enlightenment on a smaller scale or or joyful, celebratory euphoria. One is capable of relating to others naturally and harmoniously, and open to receiving deep philosophical or spiritual wisdom. The card also symbolizes “finding your center”, and wholeness generally, and an ability to think holistically or on a larger scale. One is able to “see the bigger picture” and comprehend the interconnectedness and mutuality of all the individual parts.

Astrological Association:

The World card is ruled by the planet Saturn.

Card meanings upright:

The World card can represent fulfillment or the completion of a cycle in your life. You are likely feeling secure with your place in the world and appreciating all the life lessons that have contributed to your intelligence and accomplishments. If you have dreams that have yet to come true, then now is a good idea to broaden your view of the world by learning new things or traveling to new places.

Card meanings reversed:

When the World card is reversed, it can represent a desire to stay secluded in your home where you are comfortable. You may be having trouble finishing things that you start, and a false view of the world might be holding you back from experiencing new things in the world that exist outside your comfort zone. You may feel as if you’re moving backward in life or that you are stuck in the past during this time.


The World card can indicate that you’ve been working very hard without the adequate recognition or salary that you deserve. You might need to step outside your comfort zone and sing your own praises to help others recognize your positive contributions and accomplishments. There is a chance you will need to look internationally for helpful information about how others approach your industry or field, and this could lead to some interesting realizations for you.


The World card can represent travel opportunities and meeting new people in your romantic life. If you are going to be traveling during this time and are feeling open to love, then you may find someone in your travels. If you are in a long-term relationship, you may notice you are enjoying your relationship in new and better ways that before.


The World card can represent positive cash flow in your financial life. If you’ve been struggling with your finances, the things that are blocking your profitability may soon go away. If your finances do take a positive turn, practice prudence in your spending so that you are better prepared should hard financial times come in the future.


The World card can represent flashes of clarity and important spiritual insights in your spiritual life. Your spiritual journey and insights may be of value to others as well, so keep notes of the things you learn in your spiritual seeking during this time. Sharing your insights with others may deepen both your spirituality and theirs as well.


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