The Ace of Cups is a symbol of the essential interconnectedness of life and the unconditional love that permeates every person, animal, plant and object. “We are all one” is the motto of this card. Ace of Cups indicates a time of joy, happiness and easy, free-flowing connection with other people. This may mark the beginning of a new, happy relationship, or the start of an enterprise or project with deeply spiritual associations or healing properties. The Ace of Cups also symbolizes the spiritual forces that mysteriously lurk beyond what we can experience with our physical senses.

This card is the most explicit reference in the Tarot to the concept of the Holy Grail, emphasized by the dove and wafer, symbolizing the forgiving, compassionate and loving nature of the higher powers of this Universe.  Water is the the source of all life itself; all living beings on this earth need water in some quantity. It is something all physical life has in common and a thus something that ties all life together, just as emotions—which water symbolically represents in astrology, Tarot and other metaphysical traditions— are what ties us all together. If we had only the rational intellect of Air and the courageous ambition of Fire, we would never have need of other people. Perhaps we would procreate and pragmatically use people to meet our security needs, activities which characterize Earth, but the Watery world of emotions, love and the collective unconscious are what bind us together, what bridge the gap of our separate bodies and remind us that we are all one. The Holy Grail was thought to hold the blood of Jesus Christ, and its outpouring thus evokes the abundance of Divine love, forgiveness and compassion in this universe; the sacrament of communion delivered by the white dove also symbolizes that the most deeply fulfilling and “eternal” nourishment of humankind is found in the higher experiences of spirituality and love.

You may have a sudden opportunity for deep healing or cleansing, or may find long-sought after relief from emotional distress, or a newfound sense of forgiveness for yourself or others. You may feel a renewed burst of energy or heightened sensitivity with regard to relationships, spiritual practices or psychic intuition. You may be able to relate to, understand and nurture people with great ease at this time, or you may experience that others are warmly appreciative and nurturing towards you. You may be magnetically fascinating to others, in part because of your mysterious ability to somehow sense what others are thinking and feeling. Alternatively, this card may be advising you to take a more compassionate, inclusive, understanding or loving approach in your current situation, or it may be advising that you loosen your boundaries and proceed on emotional intuition, as opposed to an overly rational or practically-concerned method.

Astrological Association:

The Ace of Cups card is connected to Neptune and Jupiter, in any harmonious aspect to the Sun, as a gift of full self-realization.

Card meanings upright:

The Ace of Cups card represents new love, compassion, joy and creativity in your life. You may experience or give forgiveness that is overdue and will likely feel emotionally fulfilled and happy.

Card meanings reversed:

When the Ace of Cups card is reversed, it can indicate blocked creativity or emotions occurring in your life. You may also feel as though access to your subconscious mind or psychic ability is blocked as well. Now may be the time to forgive someone who has wronged you in your life.


The Ace of Cups card can signify mobility or positive change in your work life. You may soon receive a promotion or have a new a new job opportunity come your way. If you have been working hard, you may soon receive the recognition and appreciation you deserve. If you are unemployed or seeking a new job, then now may be a good time to keep an open mind and look for the new opportunities that are out there for you.


The Ace of Cups card can represent flourishing love in your life. If you are in a committed relationship, you may enjoy a deeper level of understanding and commitment with your partner that will feel like a fresh and encouraging beginning. If you are looking for love, a new relationship is likely to appear for you soon.




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