Card 1

King of Swords with 5 of Pentacles Face Down

A masculine/male energy Air Sign (Libra, Aquarius, or Gemini) is more of a focus in your life this week. They have a “lacking” mentality when it comes to their financial abundance and this has been thwarting your progress. They are draining your energy and imprinting false beliefs about abundance on your life. This is an excellent week to be open and direct with them about how their beliefs are not rooted in Universal Truth. By reminding them that they are money magnets and beings of infinite abundance and possibilities; you will be changing their belief system. In turn, you will find that they are more positive about their financial situation and therefore you will be able to break the drain that has been subconsciously affecting your financial situation.

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Card 2

9 of Wands

This card tried not to come out of the deck, meaning that it is something your subconscious knows but your conscious mind is blocking. For so long, you have been holding onto a situation, person, or thing that you know has blocked other opportunities for you. You have been stubbornly clinging to this situation and it has prevented the Universe from being able to bless you. You know this on a subconsciously level; however you are still hanging on.  This is your week to really question if it is worth it.  All of the times that you told yourself: “If I had started/ended before, I would have been [here] by now” can end now. Create the changes now so by 2021, you can be happy and proud that you started.

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Card 3


There is a divine balance in the Universe. It is called the Divine Law of Compensation, in which everything is balanced and fair in ways that may not be presented to you. Things are working behind the scenes in your favor. Do not be so quick to judge something as unfair, imbalanced or out of alignment, as there are things at play that you are not privy to. These things could be coming from a past life, they could be coming from childhood or they could be the other person’s karma. There are many factors that you are not aware of so the only ability you have is to embrace that things are working out as fair and justly as they are meant to.

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