We are never taught to listen to our soul. In fact, we are often taught to ignore it, to build lives round anything but listening to our soul. Our mind and ego take center stage as we build our lives around an agenda that society, our friends or family feels matters.

The soul keeps whispering but since we have no understanding of how to tune in to listen to its wisdom and guidance, we regularly fail to hear the whispers it gives us daily. Often it isn’t until we have a life-changing event that shakes us to our very core – like loss, marriage break-up, or something that puts us at our wits end that we leave the conditioning of the mind – to listen to the soul for any guidance it can give us to survive. Encoded within our inner general guidance system is a knowingWe are all wired to hear the voice of the soul.

Scribing is my way of connecting to my soul and tapping into a clear channel to find answers to the questions about life that I am yearning to understand. I asked for a message and signs to share with you, so you can better hear the soft whisper of your soul.

My Scribed Message for You:  Your Soul is always calling to you.

Your soul is your truest friend. Its essence has been incarnating with you since your first encounter with this earth plane and it will continue to evolve with you. Your soul will call into alignment only that which supports your highest calling. Whatever does not, it will urge you to discard.

It will plead with you not to play small when you have magnificence within.

It will beckon you to be a leader and to serve the minds and hearts of your fellow man.

It will call forth self-expression and co–creation so you can leave your legacy of love on the world.

The truth is that the soul will chose the way

If you listen to the hunches, inner voices and shoulder taps you will realize that the soul path is indeed the path of least resistance and it will allow you to explore your deepest desire to find joy.

Know that as a soul, you have come with every single ingredient you will ever need to be ‘You’ and this is encoded in your DNA. If you carefully watch out for the signs, your soul will guard and guide you. It will speak to your gut instinct; it will repeatedly present itself in signs, symbols, through conversation and a deep yearning to leave your legacy on the world as you pass through.

Your Soul connections

There are a host of earth angels and guides to help you on your path. They are the soul connections that you meet effortlessly. They touch your heart and show you that they have wisdom to share. They are generous and gentle with your heart as they are soulmates who have come to help you with your evolution on your path.

They will meet you and greet you with love and compassion and will show you the way when you feel lost and abandoned on the earthly plane. When they have gifted you with the remembrance and knowledge, they may bow out of your life but they will have touched your soul. They are the way showers. The torch bearers who will applaud the finest version of you and will be there cheering you on as your release your light of truth onto the world.  They will ask of you to dig deep and face the fear. They will call you to truth when you let fear cloud your judgement.

These soulmates know your soul calling as they are part of your soul group and they will knock on your heart’s door and gift you courage when fear threatens to sabotage your soul’s truest expression.

They beckon you to play and explore your self-awareness and will empathize with your human frailty when the lessons are been shown to you to guide you forth.pl

Embrace The Guidance

Embrace the wisdom these soul mates call forth as they are placed to help you at the crossroads of your life and they will bring you on a journey of mystery to show you how to embrace new experiences and how to explore the world as a wandering soul who is destined to explore its own meaning and consciousness as it roams the world high.

Have courage! Jump on the soul’s adventure. Find the soul’s callings in the whispers you have heard in the stillness and know you will be shown the fountain of wisdom you hold within, so you can shine brightly in the world. From this fountain you can help others to drink of your bounty and enjoy the connection it brings, letting your little light shine brightly for all to see.

8 Signs your soul is calling:

1. You know there’s more!

You have a constant feeling that there is more to explore and that you are playing small and giving your power away. Your energy is drained by mundane tasks that no longer hold your interest and you long to find passion and excitement in your daily life.

2. There’s a Pattern

You notice a pattern to the struggles you are facing in your life. In fact, do you feel stuck in them? This stuck feeling is your soul calling for a change of direction and focus.

3. You have a deep yearning

You feel a calling to express your hidden gifts in some way. You have a passion for something that excites you, but it feels so scary to make room for in your life for it. Maybe you have a deep yearning within, like a soul calling to be a leader, healer, teacher, writer, performer, mother, father or explorer? You try to shun this yearning away, but it keeps coming into your mind.

4. Positive Impact Is Top Of Mind

Your soul wishes to do good in the world. There may be an inner knowing, pushing you to serve your community or people less fortunate than yourself, so you can effect positive change in the lives of others.

5. You Have a Message

You may be receiving messages for others that you don’t understand but feel deeply moved to share regardless of looking silly as you feel you need to pass on the message in the hope that it helps another person.

6. You want to Contribute

You have a burning desire to create something unique or to deliver your story to bring hope to others. Somehow you hope that the suffering you have endured can count for something. You want your story to have meaning in some way – to benefit someone else to bring in a way that is healing.

7. You’re Finding your Tribe

Connections are being made with strangers who are on the same wavelength. These people are like-minded and share your vision of the world. They are like earth angels who believe in you, inspiring you to follow your dreams and encouraging you to explore your path.

8. You’re Discovering Yourself & The Universe

There is a new-found courage within to dive deeper into self-awareness, to find the hidden meanings in the Universe, expand your consciousness and explore new concepts, dance, music, energy, astrology to align to your truth.

Take the next step

The truth is, your soul is calling you. To listen, take time for stillness, take time in nature, meditate, do your yoga practice or write down your thoughts. Notice what you observe as these signs are an invitation to align with your purpose and to shine forth your true essence. This soul calling will connect you to your soul, so you can live a life of joy, meaning and purpose. Listen and act on these soul urges, and you will follow the true journey of the soul with ease and grace.

Please let me know which number signs is calling to you now.  I’m also interested in hearing how you connect to listen to your soul?

About Julianna Jay

Irish mystic Julianna Jay is a poetic word smith, soul reader, scribe and pure channel. Her words reveal divine guidance from a higher council of light beings through Source energy. Julianna channels from the archangel realms, the ascended masters, and saints, filling her writing with the unconditional love and energy of the divine. She has been interviewed many times in the U.S. and Europe on radio and television and her scribings are often featured in 11.11 Magazine, a U.S.-based publication with a global readership. Connect with Julianna via her website at HERE or on Facebook

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