Card 1

8 of Pentacles

This is your week to focus on how far you have come and to give yourself a pat on the back. Look at everything you have accomplished (accolades, diplomas, etc.). However, do not tie your self-worth with your accomplishments. What you do is not who you are. First, praise yourself for being born and for being the person that you are, then you may begin to look at what this has allowed you to achieve in your life.

Card 2

Two of Wands

This card is telling you to take a risk. What you put out there does come back. The universe wants to see you succeed and bless you because the more blessings you have, the more blessings you will be spreading to other people. Take that risk and create opportunities for yourself.

Card 3

8 of Cups

This card was facing down, telling us that this is something rooted in your subconscious that you don’t want to look into because it’s easier to avoid and say that you are not ready. This comes from a past relationship or experience that you may have moved on too quickly from. This situation empowered you, but may also have left you open and vulnerable to negativity from another person. Look back into your memory and change the narrative of this situation. This will change the memory, changing the energetic code, and hopefully help you get past this situation. 

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