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Card 1

The Hierophant Card

This card is about realizing that you’ve had the key the entire time. Imagine you are trying to open a locked door, you have no idea where you put the key, so you break in through a window and cause all of this commotion just to realize that the key was in your back pocket the entire time. How silly would you feel at that moment? Essentially this is how you are going to feel this week. You’re going to realize that you’ve had the key to something that you felt blocked or locked off from. You’ve been constantly fighting and trying to break in in other areas, getting yourself hurt, always looking for that conflict or blocker to come your way, only to realize that the key was to look within yourself. You have the key in your back pocket and can free yourself or let yourself in at any time, but you continue to put up these doors and tell yourself that you’re going to have to break in in order to get through. This week be very meticulous about what your awareness is catching. You will find that there is something that you’ve felt blocked off from for almost your entire life, and that you’ve had the key right there the whole time. Once you realize that you have the key, don’t lock the door and put it away. This is something that you will have to continuously work at to remind yourself that you have what is needed within. 

Card 2 

The Emperor Card

The Emperor Card represents ‘bad bitch’ energy. You are the boss at home, and this card is about translating that into your working and waking life. The true power comes from something within your home and family, and once you find that power there it will be really easy to spread it out into other areas in your life. The first step is to find the source of where you feel the most powerful and ‘badass’. 


Card 3

4 of Pentacles

A lot of the time, the 4 of Pentacles represents greed mentality, having money on the mind and heart at all times. What this really shows is a search for foundation that you didn’t have in your past. The buildings on the card along with the number 4 represent something with your home, family, and legacy. Figure out why there is a hoarder mentality when it comes to money. Is it something that stemmed from your parents or grandparents who maybe lost everything they had in the war, which left them scarce on resources and now you’ve embodied that mentality? Whatever it may be, having this mentality is not going to get you any farther than you already are. At the end of the day, we need to put abundance out in order to receive it back in, so the lack of being able to freely flow out abundance is actually causing more harm than good. The best way to realize that the reason for your greed mentality is because you lacked foundation in the past is to meditate. Go back to your past self and give yourself that love and security through positive affirmations or astral travelling.

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