Feeling good?

Well, you should be…

This week begins and ends on a positive note.

Today, romantic Venus moves into Libra, bringing great ideas, random acts of kindness and diplomatic courtesy to the fore.

It’s a vibe that might make you see the world with rosy optimism. And while that may sound like fun, it might see you gloss over important details too.

Luckily, it won’t matter too much as Venus in Libra can-do vibe presents a call to action. And it’s one that will encourage you to make moves that will lead to success!

Then, on Sunday, the second Full Moon in Aquarius of 2021 lights up the night sky and the Sun leaps into practical Virgo. 

It’s a day of optimism and inspired action. What you do today will not only impact your own future, but the future of the collective too.

But don’t let the weight of the world put too much pressure on you…

Simply take notes from individualistic Aquarius, be yourself and allow your non-conformist side to lead you.

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