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Card 1 (3 Cards)

There is some negativity coming up this week that is here to mess with your happiness, and to tell you to take a risk. The illusion is being lifted, and we are seeing things exactly for what they are. There is a situation in your life that happened in the past where you were extremely happy, and someone came along and ‘rained on your parade’. That energy is being brought back up now in the form of telling you to take some sort of risk, or leap of faith, as a way of separating yourself from that negativity that will creep up because it is a pattern that has been created in your subconscious.  You feel that you cannot be happy because something always comes along to mess it up. It is time to change the narrative and take a risk with your happiness even though you may feel that something may come up to ruin it. 

Card 2 (5 Cards Faced down)

All cards are faced down, so this is something that is very deeply rooted within your subconscious. They read: That happy family archetype, empowerment at home, and the 5 of wands conflict with a female water sign (Scorpio, Cancer, or Pisces), and you are waiting for an apology that will never be received. 

Unfortunately, your idea of a happy family is based on whether or not you gain enough power to release the conflict that you had with this feminine water sign, and recognize that you will never get an apology. Even if you were to receive an apology, it’s not what you need. What you need is to forgive yourself for allowing yourself to give so much of your happiness to that conflict within your family. Now your idea of a happy family is based on conflict, power struggles, and apologies. If you feel that you need to tell a person that you need an apology, it will never be genuine and you will never get what you need. 

Card 3 (4 cards) 

The cards read: A message is being received about a choice that you have to make about either giving or receiving money, and empowering yourself. You have to make a choice, and no matter what you’re going to be empowered because you have the option of choosing. One choice leads you down the path of prosperity, and the other leads you down the path of abundance. Don’t beat yourself up about the choice that you do make because no matter what it’s empowering you, and the power is that you have options. 

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