light 1PinWith Jupiter Retrograde in Aquarius right now, you have so much power in your hands. The little actions you take right now can change the world…

But with so much power in your hands, understanding how to shine your light into the world so you can make big changes, is essential.

In this article by guest writer, Shaheen Miro, you’ll get a glimpse into self-discovery and why it’s so important to understand who you are, so you can share your light with the world…

I have always lived my life on the edge of dreamland. A little gypsy soul dancing between what is seen, and what isn’t. There is magic all around us… rooted deep within. Most of us fear this innate power. But my magic has always been alive within me… Seeking expression, wanting to be shared with the world.

My favorite ritual is to go out into the thick of night, under the bright full moon, and spin. I spin with passion, I spin with grace. My gossamer wings taking flight in the light, transcending the physical and moving into something deeply mystical. A little white-witch fed by lunar fire.

Life Exists In Two Worlds

The world of rational thought. The world you can touch. The world in which everyone inhabits. Most of us know this world far too well, to the point of feeling stuck in place, heavy with gravity… With reality.

Then there is the ephemeral world. The world that lies within. A dream world where anything is possible. Forgotten territory where magic is alive and well. This is the world of the creative, the artist… A world of living poetry.

Most of us long for this place… And few of us ever acknowledge it. But the door is always there, waiting to be opened. The door is not outside of you. This door lies on the path of your inner world. Your sacred circle of truth, magic and spirit.

Empowerment comes when you learn to be in both worlds. Like walking the edge of the water, half in the ocean and half on land. ‘Tween places where anything is possible. Vision and reality become one… Infused with divine grace and potential.

Finding Strength On the Path of Understanding

light 2PinPinI sat in a room with a longtime friend and client. Surrounded by gilded mirrors, beautiful China teacups, and luscious fabrics. Her face bright, open and inviting. I sipped tea, and listened as she spoke. I listened to her words. I listened to her heart. Something was brewing deep inside her.

Finally she said… I am outraged. I am outraged by how I was treated. I put my life into my work, and yet I feel disrespected. As if nothing I did really mattered. This isn’t how retirement should feel. I wanted to leave with grace, knowing I left behind something that would grow into the future.

Her intensity surprised me. The fire in her belly didn’t match here serene demeanor. Yet I could feel the truth in every word she spoke. She wanted to know that her energy wasn’t wasted. Her inner world, and her outer world wasn’t aligned. A crinkle in her story… The story of her truth, and the story of those around her.

Then she leapt into another concern about her community. An injustice had taken place jeopardizing the integrity of the people in a very respected neighborhood. This place that had been built on dreams, and good intentions was being torn apart by greed, and underhanded dealings. And she wanted justice!

She openly asked… What should I do?

Knowing that both her outrage about her retirement, and the state of her community were linked together, I decide to pull a card for advice on how best to use her energy.

You see this is a woman who is passionate, altruistic. She dreams the big dream. The dream of the community. The wellbeing of those around her. She can see the big picture. The dream of leaving behind a place that is good for her, and the people who dream after her.

So I pulled one card: Strength.

The Strength card in the Tarot portrays a serene woman, with her hand in the mouth of a mighty lion. Unfazed and unafraid of the raw force and power of this awesome creature. She subdues the lion through empathy rather than force…knowing and acknowledging that she is like the lion himself. A wild-hearted creature pulled and enlivened by her deepest nature.

I began to relay her message…

“As you set out on a path to live unencumbered by the weight of daily living you hold space where power can gather. Rather than fight the world, you begin to move through it. Dancing within the eye of this great storm. Because the world will continue to rage around you. You cannot escape the world by retreating inward… Eventually you will suffocate. Reach out your hand and touch the raw force of nature, the spiral of chaos. Use this as your medium to paint something more like your own internal vision.”

Strength was reminding her that it wasn’t enough to feel outraged. She needed to use this energy for something. A solution wouldn’t come from being hurt. It wouldn’t come from sitting in meetings. Rather, change would happen when she began to live her truth.

Days later the Strength card kept appearing in sessions. Her energy wanting to come alive, and express to us her deepest meaning. I began to really mediate on her meaning. What message did she have to teach?

Her message was loud and clear. I know that fire too. The fire my client felt. The fire we all feel when our internal vision, and the external world no longer dance together. Isn’t that usually the case?

You Are a Visionary Being Called to Action

light 4PinIf you are reading this it means you are one of the visionaries in the world. Called to action. Drawn to the path of self-discovery. Through self-discovery comes expression, and from expression comes change in the big world.  As you follow your inner vision in the outer world, you create change through empathy, rather than force.

The art of magic is the process of creating miracles through natural force. In all spiritual traditions we find ways to touch the Divine through the material. You can’t negate the physical to find the ephemeral, it is through the physical that you touch magic.

Contemplate your own body for a moment. What a beautiful force of nature. It holds and sustains you. You are your body, and yet you live beyond it. We talk in terms of dreams, goals, and hypothetical. Those things do not exist anywhere in a physical sense, but it is through the physical that we can speak about them, express them and begin to create them!

How many times have you sat in a room lit with aromatic candles and felt transformed? Candles are nothing more than wax, and fire. They are physical creations. But simply lighting a candle for relaxation, ambiance or prayer, allows us to transcend time and space. It speaks to the mystical mind in an inexplicable way.

The point that I am trying to make is that by being in the external world, you actually build a path to the internal. Or working through the inner world, you see changes in the outer. Find the magic in everyday life, then you create more magic.

So the blocked spots, the pain, the set backs, the adversity in your life are a call to action. If you just observe the stuck spots in your life, and the world at large then you are not creating change. There is no room for apathy in magical living. Let these blocks become oracles showing you a point of power to make changes.

There is an old saying: As above, so below. Meaning that the changes you make on the inner world, shift the external. Many great spiritual leaders have guided us to be the change we wish to see in the world. Actions speak louder than words!

Create Change Through Empathy, Not Force

light 2PinPinCreate change through empathy, not force. Whatever calls your attention is a message from your intuition saying… Hey you can do something about this… Big or small!

The world needs us to return to Self-Care Consciousness.

You are unique, dramatic, beautiful and magic. You are made of the light of the Universe, the dust of the stars. The moon lives in the lining of your skin, and the glow in your eyes. Give it to the world. Ask yourself:

How am I expressing myself out in the world?

Am I telling my truth?

Where am I losing my power?

If you are holding your head down, and avoiding eye contact with what is happening around you… Then you are forgetting your magic. You came here to be magic! Be empathetic to yourself… That self-care will pour out into the world around you.

Take some time for stillness. Go inward each evening for a week. This can be at the end of the day when you are laying in bed before sleep. While you are showering for the day. Or in the warm glow of a candle in your sacred space. Wherever you can, wherever you feel safe and open.

In this time begin to listen to your feelings, and observe your thoughts. What are you stuck on? What makes you fee outraged? What do you think is wrong in your life? What do you think is wrong in the world?

Now ask yourself: What do I feel called to create?

This does not have to be something big, major or life changing. You do not have to have a dream for the community. You do not need to solve the world’s problems. I am simple asking you to acknowledge what you want to create…purely for the pleasure of it.

Do you have an answer?

Maybe you want to write a story. Maybe you want to knit a scarf. Maybe you want to walk more. Maybe you want to prepare more home-cooked meals. Whatever it is write it down!

Really look at those words. Dream about them. Dream about your creative desire. See it in your mind. Feel it in your body.

You have just found your guiding light. If you follow that light you will make a big change in the world. Being brave enough to listen to your curiosity allows you to be a light in the world! You can overcome adversity, personal or otherwise, through finding your flow. Your flowing being the unique way in which you live your life, and commune with your spirit.

It is not enough to be outraged. When something bothers you deeply, be curious enough to find out why. Something within YOU needs expression. The outside world made you aware of this need.

As you light the flame of your inner vision… Others people all over the world do the same. And we have no reason to find the light, because we become the light. The light of change that illuminates the dark. The guiding star that glows in the eye of the storm.