How to Build Success Habits With the Master Number 11

A Full Month Quest for Success

This month we are going to explore a journey of self growth through the lessons of the master vibrations 11-44. In this blog series we’ll be focusing on how to live your truth and live your dreams through the vibration of 11.

Our Current State of Affairs

Here’s the thing, we all want to do something better for this world no matter who we are and what our circumstances. The reason I know this is because at our deepest level we all come from the same source, love energy. As a human collective we have been taught fear consciousness and for thousands of years humans have been living within this illusion of fear believing it is truth.

The Age of Aquarius is the time when we as a human tribe have the opportunity to come together, take our personal power back and co-create a planet characterized by love, peace and cooperation. To support you in this personal quest, each week this month we’ll be introducing interconnected personal success habits influenced by the essence of the Master Numbers 11, 22, 33 and 44.

Master Vibration 11: Be the Visionary of Your Life 

To build success habits means knowing what you want and visualizing it.

We all have it in us to be happy and successful, so what stops us from truly exploring and living our greatness? Most often it’s the culmination of past experiences stored in our subconscious and conscious memories. When we live our lives from this perspective the impact on our experience is two fold:

1. We consciously and unconsciously stop ourselves from truly experiencing bliss and the magic of life. 

2. We create unnecessary internal suffering for ourselves. This suffering can occur as the most challenging type because it’s all self created. This internal suffering manifests as contrast and hardship in our waking lives.

Sometimes life doesn’t go the way we’ve planned.

There are many examples we collect throughout our lives which illustrate this. We may think something or someone is the one for us later to find out we aren’t fulfilled or happy, or think we have it all figured out only to realize we don’t. When our hearts are unhappy it’s a huge call from our higher selves to change something in our dynamic and take responsibility for everything we experience. The only one who can change this is you.

It takes a lot of courage to be honest with yourself, take realistic inventory of your life and be real enough with yourself to answer the question, are you truly happy? The simple way to know the answer is to notice how often your mind wanders to ‘wishful thinking’ about being somewhere else, doing something else or being with someone else. These are all indications it’s time to do some awesome re-structuring

If you find this is the case it’s time to do some soul searching and come to your own clear understanding of the life you want. Knowing you don’t like things the way they are is not enough, because if we spend our time only focused on what we know we don’t want we will get more of it, it’s the basic law of attraction. However, you can use this awareness as a stepping stone to your development and your progression. When you know what you don’t want you also know what you do want. *HINT* It is the exact opposite of what you say you don’t want.

How to Use Master Number 11 Energies to Create Your Vision

This is a wonderful exercise a lot of coaches and teachers use to support clients in getting clear and activating the energy of the master visionary (11).

1. Take out a piece of paper

2. Draw a line down the middle of the page

3. On the left side of the line label it ‘What I don’t want’

4. On the right side of the line label it  ‘What I do want’

5. Choose one area of your life (Ex. relationships, health, fitness, spirituality, career)

6. Write something you know you don’t want in the left column

7. Draw a line through what you just wrote

8. Write what you do want in the right column next to what you just crossed out in the left column

9. Repeat step 6-8 in that exact order for everything you can think of related to what you don’t want in the area you chose.

10. When you are finished your list you will be looking at a piece of paper with all your ‘don’t wants’ crossed out on the left side and all your ‘wants’ fully exposed and clear on the right side. (Feel free to get rid of the left side of the page when the written exercise is complete)

11. Take time each day to read, reflect and visualize all the items on the right hand side of the page. This is called creative visualization. It’s such a strong practice and key for manifestation and we encourage you to use it abundantly each day in any area of life, it works like a charm!

The Trick of the Ego

Keep in mind there is no ‘right’ way to go through life and do this, there is only the way you choose to go through it. Categorizing things as good/bad, right/wrong, keeps us in comparison mode which is a lower frequency incompatible with divine inspiration (11). This trick of the ego prevent us in channelling our energies constructively towards being conscious creators.

Whenever you take charge of your life and begin to consciously choose, visualize and create possibility in your life, you are strongly activating the vibration of 11. 11 is an amplified energy of two, and two as we know is the frequency of compassion, love, patience, choice and harmony. These are some of the qualities we activate whenever we do any personal growth work, and consciously create our lives.

Allow this exercise to assist you in creating clarity around the life of your dreams, after all fear is just a compass directing us to where our hearts really want to go. You my friend are the creator of your experience and you have full permission to take the reigns and direct your dream life. You totally have it in you!! Share your experiences with us on Facebook or Twitter, we would love to hear from you!

Much Love in Numbers


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