PinHappy Spring Equinox, for all of our friends down under!

The Spring Equinox in the Southern Hemisphere happens at on September 23rd.

There are many ways that we could celebrate this beautiful and powerful time, but here are just a few:

1. Drink Birch Water

In the Celtic tradition, birch trees are believed to represent and hold the magical properties of rebirth, renewal and growth. Drinking birch water would be a great way to take in these energies, as we step into this time of beginnings. Birch water has also become a popular health drink recently, as it brings us cleansing and refreshment. Before consuming, set an intention to acquire these qualities within, and in your life. Cheers!

2. Start a Meditation Practice for Mind Mastery

“The mind is a wonderful servant, but a terrible master.”- Robin S. Sharma

Spring is linked to the fresh element of Air, and Air corresponds to the realm of the mind. This season would be a great time to work on mastery of the mind. And meditation is a great practice for that purpose!

By meditating and observing our thoughts, we can come to realize that we are not our thoughts, and we do not have to keep thinking or identifying with the thoughts that emerge as we go about our days. How powerful, right? This is a practice you could do throughout the Spring season – or beyond, if you choose!

3. Meditate with the Fool Card

The Fool card in the Tarot is 0. This symbol represents beginnings and pure potentiality. Meditating with the Tarot can help us to understand these symbols and their significance more deeply, and take these energies into ourselves as a form of healing, balancing, and empowerment.

Here is how to meditate (aka scry) with the Tarot:

  • Take the card in your hands and look into the image for as long as feels appropriate.
  • When you feel ready, close your eyes and allow any images or sensations to emerge.
  • Be sure to relax. This is key. Do not scrutinize or judge what you see or feel, or worry about lack of it “working”. Just be receptive.
  • When you feel ready, come out of the meditation by bringing your awareness back into your physical body, and slowly opening your eyes.

This meditation tends not too take long, so it is short and easy.

Pin4. Chant to Ganesh

As mentioned in one of my previous articles, Ganesh is widely regarded as a patron deity of new beginnings. You could make an altar to Ganesh, offer some incense and/or sweets, ask him to aid you in clearing out the old and bringing in a fortunate new cycle, and chant “Om Gan Ganapataye Namaha” 108 times.

5. Celebrate with Flowers

What would Springtime celebrations be without flowers? Bring some spring flowers into your home or garden, plant some seeds (ideally during the new moon), or get out in nature to take in the Springtime sights.

Last year I celebrated the equinox by visiting my local flower market, and brought home some some plants for my windowsill and kitchen herb garden. And here in London, I always enjoy seeing the daffodils blooming everywhere at this time of year. Trent Park, for example, had one million of them planted, that we can see annually!

Wishing you a magical Spring Equinox, and happy Autumn Equinox to those in the Northern Hemisphere!