Your Tarot Birth Card – Life Path 7: The Chariot

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Welcome back to my series on the Tarot Birth Card! This week we’re all about Life Path 7 – The Chariot!

If you missed out on last week’s post, then head here to find out how to determine your life path number and your associated tarot birth card. Every week, I’ll be discussing each of the nine tarot birth cards and their person-centered interpretations.

And if you’re not a Life Path 5, head here to read about Life Path 1, The MagicianLife Path 2, The High PriestessLife Path 3, The EmpressLife Path 4, the EmperorLife Path 5, The Hierophant, and Life Path 6, The Lovers.

We’ll look at typical strengths and weaknesses, who you’re likely to fancy (and who turns you off), and the kind of work or lifestyle you might find satisfying. Whilst a single tarot card could never sum up an entire person, it can be fun and helpful to learn which tarot archetype represents you, and how you can use its energy in different areas of your life.

Again, if you’re not sure what your tarot birth card is, read this first!

Life Path 7 – The Chariot

‘The world only spins forwards’

the chariot tarot meaningThe Chariot is a forceful, forwards-moving card with energy and drive. People with this birth card are passionate about getting things done and don’t like to be kept waiting around. They are acutely aware that they own their own destiny, and know that no-one is going to live their lives for them.

Looking deeper, we find that the Chariot’s key strength derives from their ability to harness opposing energies (like the black and white sphinxes shown on the card) and bring them in line with their goals. You know that feeling when you want to get on with a project but you have so many ideas you don’t know where to start? The Chariot knows how to rein everything in and drive it forwards. Externally, too, they are experts in reconciling the differences between people so that everyone can get on board with a common goal.

These are not people who procrastinate. Strategic and pro-active, they look dead ahead at their goals, and understanding the steps needed to get there, and then cracking on with it.

Key Strengths:

Tarot Birth Card Strengths⇢ You’re a great leader and you know how to get the best from your team
⇢ That goes for yourself too – you know how to play to your strengths.
⇢ You don’t procrastinate!
⇢ You set clear goals and know how to achieve them.
⇢ You live life to the full, knowing that you are the master of your own destiny.

Key Challenges:

Tarot Birth Card Challenges⇢ You have a tendency to be blinkered, not always seeing the full picture.
⇢ You can be bossy at times, and not everyone likes it…
⇢ You might find it hard to live in the moment – if so, lighten up a little!
⇢ You can be easily frustrated by people whose approach is different to your own.
⇢ You tend to feel that your goals and ambitions are more important than everyone else’s.

Who You Hookin’ Up With?

Tarot Birth Card - Love ⇢ You’d make sparks with a Magician (Life Path 1) – both of you share the same love of action and you’d have fun working on projects together…though there may be something of a battle of egos!
⇢ A Lover (Life Path 6) would probably frustrate you with their indecision
⇢ The ‘stillness’ of a High Priestess (Life Path 2) might drive you a little mad.
⇢ A Hermit (Life Path 9) on the other hand, though quiet in nature, would help you to think before acting – you’d complement each other well.

Work And Lifestyle Ideas:

Tarot Birth Card - Work & Lifestyle ⇢ You’d be great at anything where leadership is needed to drive a project forwards, particularly where goal-setting and strategizing is called for.
⇢ It may seem a little literal, but a job involving lots of driving would be up your street. Or be a bicycle courier!
⇢ You’d make a great inventor – you have a lot of great ideas and know how to make them happen. Do you have a brilliant idea for a new product or service? Start a business!

What’s Up Next?

Next week we’ll be focusing on Life Path 8, Strength (or in some decks, Justice)!

Until then, drop me a note below. If you’re a Life Path 7, let me know if this speaks to youAnd if you’re not a 7, how have you interacted with 7s in the past? Is your husband, wife, lover, daughter, or best friend a 7?

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