Your Tarot Birth Card – Life Path 8: Strength

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Welcome back to my series on the Tarot Birth Card! This week we’re all about Life Path 8 – Strength!

If you missed out on last week’s post, then head here to find out how to determine your life path number and your associated tarot birth card. Every week, I’ll be discussing each of the nine tarot birth cards and their person-centered interpretations.

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We’ll look at typical strengths and weaknesses, who you’re likely to fancy (and who turns you off), and the kind of work or lifestyle you might find satisfying. Whilst a single tarot card could never sum up an entire person, it can be fun and helpful to learn which tarot archetype represents you, and how you can use its energy in different areas of your life.

Again, if you’re not sure what your tarot birth card is, read this first!

Life Path 8 – Strength

‘The world only spins forwards’

strength tarot card meaningThe kind of strength we see in this card is a very subtle inner strength that comes from understanding ourselves and being able to tame our wilder instincts. If Strength is your birth card, you may be a very even-natured person, or someone who is introverted and at peace in their own company.

Strength people are compassionate and loving, and care deeply about making the world a kinder, better place. You’re a peacemaker, reaching out in the chaos of this crazy world, helping people to reconcile their differences and be kinder to one another.

Though you tend to be quieter than other birth cards, you have a powerful influence over the people you meet. Others are drawn to your calm wisdom and seek solace in your company. Within yourself, you are able to respond to life’s challenges with love and generosity.

Key Strengths:

Tarot Birth Card Strengths⇢ You are loving and compassionate.

You understand yourself well, and know how to live a  life that is true to yourself.

⇢ You are an emotion-led person who ‘feels the world’, but you are not a slave to your feelings.

⇢ You’re great at facilitating happy relationships, helping others to overcome their differences and get along.

⇢ You are loyal – a reliable friend.

⇢ When life hands you a challenge, you respond with love and forgiveness.

Key Challenges:

Tarot Birth Card Challenges⇢ You may sometimes struggle to feel that your voice is being heard (rest assured – it is!)

⇢ There may be times that you feel that you are treated as a doormat!

⇢ Though you’re proud of your ability to keep your emotions in check, it can be hard for you to let loose and express yourself wildly.

Who You Hookin’ Up With?

Tarot Birth Card - Love ⇢ Strength people are the few out there who can work well with all kinds of people – at home with quiet types who share their gentle nature as well as more outgoing people who contrast well with your balanced approach to life.

 ⇢ Your ability to respond generously and with love to the challenges people often throw at you means that you put in what’s needed in all your relationships.

 ⇢ You’re an amazing person to have as a lover or partner!

Work And Lifestyle Ideas:

Tarot Birth Card - Work & Lifestyle ⇢ Group facilitation would suit you. You’d be wonderful managing community projects where you’d bring people together to share their skills, despite their differences.

 ⇢ You’d work well in holistic wellbeing fields. Yoga, massage, reiki and spiritual work require someone who is in touch with themselves and respects people’s energy, which are very much your strengths.

 ⇢ You’d also be great in schools, possibly as a teacher but even more so as a youth worker or counsellor. Your ability to understand the often-wild emotions of young people gains you trust, and your loving but firm hand in tackling them is a gift not many can bring to this challenging role.

What’s Up Next?

Next week we’ll be focusing on the last in our series: Life Path 9, The Hermit!

Until then, drop me a note below. If you’re a Life Path 8, let me know if this speaks to you. Do you see a common thread here? Does it resonate with you?

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