work numerologyEveryone has a life path number – your numerological signature – a unique vibration that carries with it the essence of your expression in the world.

And, if you are fortunate, that expression aligns with your chosen career in a way that brings fulfillment, abundance and joy.

But, what if your current job or career doesn’t seem to fit?

Maybe you’ve had your numerology done and everything says you are supposed to be an entrepreneur but here you are in middle management in a large corporation perhaps frustrated by the extent of your ability to make the changes you feel are needed.

Or maybe you’ve had the exact opposite experience, everything says you have the life path of an entrepreneur but you haven’t been able to get your business off the ground and into the black.

Is it the job that doesn’t fit or is it YOU that doesn’t fit the job?

The ability to mesh the ideal with the real is one of the keys to success in life and in work so here are some ways by life path numbers to find your unique expression regardless of the job you currently hold.


To sum it up, you simply add up all the digits of your birth date (Day + Month + Year) and continue to simplify until you only get one number.

Ex. February 9, 1986 = 2 + 9 + 1+ 9+ 8+ 6 = 35. 3 + 5=8

If you’re unsure just  go to this page right here >>

Got your number?

Here we go!

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4Life path 4

When I think of life path fours I think of stability and structure – like the actual number itself – straight lines, angles and sturdiness. Fours are foundation builders. Think TAURUS possibly for an astrological example. Fours have the ability to stick to routine like few others – in fact they thrive on it!

Think discipline when you think of a life path 4 – not only do they commit and stick things through but often have that earth connection that you might find in a Taurus. So you may find life path fours in landscape design and execution, in home building design overseeing all the minutia of what goes into a successful build and you might find them happily ensconced in middle management running very competent and stable departments.

Fours are the cornerstones of the foundations of the world of work. They might show up as competitive athletes able to endure a rigorous training program that would wear out lesser mortals. Or they might show up as the civil engineers who build bridges and other infrastructure that we all move along on. Their commitment to schedule and detail makes them perfect at creating functional, safe spaces for the rest of us.

If you are a creative type you can do no better than to have a four at your back taking care of the details of your business. They are loyal, practical and realistic – great qualities to have in business.

So here you are a life path 4 and you are not in a job that even sounds like what a four would do?

Does it matter?

It might not.

Recently I was talking with a chef who had just opened his own restaurant. Almost everything he had to say about his business venture involved schedules, organization, planning and details, details, details. After he went back in the kitchen to get the dinner service going his girlfriend leaned over to me and said ‘He is my rock in a world of chaos.’ Curious, I asked his birth date and, sure enough, he was a life path four.

You may think of a chef as more aligned with one of the highly creative numbers and some are but the added aspect of running a restaurant requires someone with a great deal of discipline.

As you can see, regardless of profession, if you are a life path four you will be pulled to provide order and stability wherever you find yourself. And it is that quality of commitment and the ability to see things through that will make you a valued asset whether you find yourself behind the scenes or out front representing a business.

As a life path four, you might make an ideal business partner to a not-so-structured three so notice where you have a tendency to fill the gaps at work and at home. That is your life path four at work.

Embrace that part of you that finds a way to create structure – maybe you are the most organized mom in your group or the director who is known for sticking to budgets and schedules and keeping creative talent on task.

You are a builder of worlds (as the Tarot might say) so get your personal Legos® out and create form, function and beauty that the rest of us can enjoy!

5Life path 5

When I think of fives I think of the struggle between freedom and discipline. Fives are enchanted by much of life and the world and the desire to experience a variety of careers is strong. So fives might love to travel and find themselves in careers that allow them that option. Fives like to get into the actual experience of whatever it is they are doing so they are more likely to find it difficult to choose the best career option.

And since that struggle continues between freedom and discipline fives will often chafe at careers that put tight boundaries around their ability to express themselves. Because five is the swing number they can often be excellent communicators with all the other life paths and their love of freedom tends to mean they are non-judgmental and supportive of others’ choices.

Intuitively I feel fives are most like Sagittarians  – philosophical, intelligent, curious and unhappy when bounded too tightly by routine. So you might find life path fives in careers that allow them to travel and which satisfy their natural curiosity, such as travel writers, archeologists, educators or even animal communicators (remember fives are excellent communicators!)

The big challenge for those with a five life path is to manage to surround themselves with enough structure so they can have the freedom to express themselves – not an easy task. Fives should also realize that while they are usually non-judgmental of others the reverse may not be true. Life paths that thrive on routine and discipline may see fives as flighty or unreliable or uncaring, not understanding their need for freedom as part of their core self-expression.

So here you are a life path 5 and you are not in a job that even sounds like what a five would do?

Does it matter?

It might not.

Two of your biggest strengths are your curious mind and your gift at communication so wherever you find yourself it is important that you highlight your strengths. So even if you work in a corporation where there are fixed schedules and routines you might flourish if you work in one of the research areas. Fives also make wonderful assistants to other creative types such as producers or writers (they make good writers themselves) who need someone to research aspects of a book or find the perfect movie location.

Fives like to share what they learn so even if not in an educational field you want to look for ways to share your knowledge and contribute new ways of thinking to your organization or business. And if you can’t find enough self-expression in your work make sure that you satisfy your need for intellectual stimulation and variety in your private life.

When I think of fives I think of that wonderful children’s book by Marlo Thomas ‘Free to Be, You and Me,’ which is both a book and an album of celebrating what makes each of us unique. For a five, free to be herself is a true necessity so use those wonderful communication skills to set the boundaries that support you both in work and in relationship.

6Life path 6

When I think of life path sixes I immediately think of the zodiac sign CANCER – the most nurturing signs in the wheel. And, like Cancers those with a life path of six have a need to express themselves in caring for others and often are found in care-taking occupations – everything from the medical profession to public service to therapists and social workers.

Sixes find fulfillment in their ability to nurture others, a tricky line to walk as it is easy to lose the self in care-taking others. Until sixes find their boundaries of self-care they can tend to become over-involved in the lives and problems of others. For sixes they must learn to make self-care as much a priority as the care of others in order to best fulfill their life path and have it be of true service to everyone.

So even within a corporate environment someone with a life path six might be that person that everyone in the department seeks out when they have a problem. I have heard more than one life path six say ‘Everyone always tells me their problems and wants my advice.” No surprise. The vibration of a six is virtually like a bright neon sign flashing ‘available anytime, anywhere to rescue you and fix your problems.’ And sixes can end up literally in the ‘saving’ professions such as law enforcement, air and sea rescue and firefighting.

So here you are a life path 6 and you are not in a job that even sounds like what a six would do?

Does it matter?

It might not.

There actually isn’t a career or profession in which a six cannot find ways to nurture. The real key is expressing that very natural need in a way that always allows for one’s own career growth and personal fulfillment and success. So running a daycare, managing a department in a corporation, becoming a life coach, creating beautiful healthful meals all are ways that sixes can meet their nurturing needs.

Getting paid for giving that advice they always give away for free is another way life path sixes can support themselves while helping others, so if you are the person everyone else comes to for advice it is time that you get the credentials that would allow you to do that professionally. You love helping others and nurturing their personal growth; just do it in a way that gives you the financial resources to restore yourself through self-care.

As a six you have a great opportunity to teach others through how you live your own life. And part of that teaching will be about how you model healthy self-care.

Align yourself with your natural life path energy and you’ll make the world brighter for everyone around you.

Remember – The ability to mesh the ideal with the real is one of the keys to success in life and in work.

So if your life path is 4, 5 or 6 see how you can mesh your natural vibration with whatever job or career you currently have.

By the way, if you’re a Life Path 1, 2, or 3, head here for your ideal career numerology and if you’re a Life Path 7, 8, or 9, head here.

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