PinThe Life Path Number is a little like your numerological signature.

It carries your unique vibration and describes the essence of the journey you will take in the world, leading you towards your highest potential.

If you’re fortunate, if you’ve followed the signs and taken every opportunity (and had a whole heap of good luck thrown in too!) your Life Path Number will align with your chosen career in a way that brings you fulfilment, abundance and joy. You’ll have reached the holy grail and found your dream job!

But what if your Life Path and your current job or career don’t seem to fit?

What if you feel like you’re in the wrong job altogether, and your ideal career remains far out of reach?

Perhaps you crave the life of an artist (explained by your Life Path 3) but were pushed into more “academic” subjects at school and now and spend your days behind a desk? Or maybe you’ve recently had your numerology chart drawn up and all the numbers point towards you being an entrepreneur, but instead, you’re in middle management in a large corporation. Or maybe you’ve had the opposite experience, your chart clearly describes the Life Path of an entrepreneur but you haven’t been able to get your business off the ground and into the black?

Is it the job that doesn’t fit you, or is it YOU that doesn’t fit the job?

If you’ve found your way here, a career change could be on the cards. Perhaps you’re asking yourself “What is my ideal job?” or “how do I change careers?”.  But before you do anything drastic and start drafting resumes and scheduling interviews, take a deep breath and let’s look at what you’ve currently got.

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Life Path and Career Compatibility

The ability to combine the ideal with the real is one of the keys to success in life and work.

There could be some very simple ways for you to actually stay in your current job, and rise to your potential, using it as your launch pad! The trick is to know what your personal strengths and skills are (according to your numerology) and then work out ways to apply them to the work you are already doing.  It might take a lot less work than you think, to get firmly back on track, without needing to switch careers at all!

(This particular post only covers Life Paths 1, 2, and 3. If you’re a 4, 5 or 6, head here and if you’re a 7, 8, or 9, head here.)

1PinLife Path 1 Careers

Most would say you are a born entrepreneur, leader and self-starter. Like having Aries as your zodiac sun sign, your focus is on the self and you have a strong desire to lead (particularly strong is your need to actively direct your own destiny). And, like Aries, 1 Life Paths are often warriors and found in fields such as the military or criminal law (i.e, police, district attorneys) where the warrior and leader energies can come together. Many Life Path 1s run their own businesses and become mentors or coaches.  Some may go into sales, marketing or advertising, others may become writers, speakers, politicians or go into media or become creative directors, or enter the field of sport. Life Path 1s usually end up anywhere they can reach goals and feel they are achieving. 1s are nothing if not hugely self-confident and take pride in a job well done.

So, here you are a Life Path 1 and you’re nowhere near the kind of job with such far-reaching goals or opportunities for global success!

Does it matter?

Maybe not…

Life Path 1 and Your Career

The most important element for a Life Path 1 is to be able to express the energy of leadership so if you are surviving within the structure of a corporation, you need to try to be the ‘entrepreneur’ from within!  Be the one who is leading and guiding others and becoming known for your innovative ideas.  Look for ways inside whatever job you find yourself, to express that part of you that is a natural leader.

It is up to you to step up and offer your leadership in whatever way you can. SO much of this Life Path depends on self-starting, so don’t wait for someone to show you how to do this. Carve out a part of your work that is your dominion, and achieve it with excellence!

If you can do that, then you are aligned with your Life Path 1, whatever job you are doing!

2 life pathPinLife Path 2 Careers

Ahhh, the relationship number! You are the balancer of energies – tactful and gentle in negotiations with others, but never mistake a Life Path 2 for being weak!  2s have a quiet confidence, an implicit sense of justice and the courage to go with it.

Comparisons could be made with the astrological sign of Libra, ruled by the scales, and holding the need to bring harmony, balance, fairness and justice is all part of life. That is why many 2s will end up in the caring professions, working as nurses, therapists, doctors or energy healers. Some may become business mediators or negotiators, politicians or diplomats, while others may work as PAs, teachers, artists or actors.

Also, like Libras, 2s have a love of beauty and an aesthetic so polished that those with this Life Path can also be found in interior design, art and other creative industries, bringing client’s visions to life.

Twos rarely like to work alone.

Relationships feed the soul of the 2 Life Path and so they often work in the service industries, where they get a lot of customer contact, precisely because of their skill in relating.

So, here you are a Life Path 2 and you’re nowhere near the kind of job with such connectivity, caring and beauty

Does it matter?

Maybe not…

Life Path 2 and Your Career

The most important element for a life path 2 is to express the aspect of relationship. So even if you work as an administrative professional in a big office, you’ll be the one to stand because of your relatability and not just your incredible typing skills! Whatever job you are in, find a way to volunteer as a team member on projects. Help organize the office party and food drive. Because you are a relationship guru, you will probably find that people flock to you, once you begin to express more of your gifts.

If you can, bring some beauty into the space – when YOU do it everyone benefits.  In your off time, consider volunteering for a non-profit and add your efforts to those already of service in the world.

If you are a Life Path 2 and have ideas for your own business, you would do best in a compatible partnership. You thrive when you have someone to collaborate with, so find someone else who needs the same to succeed, and you will!

3 life pathPinLife Path 3 Careers

This is my life path – the life path of the true creative. Just going by my own experience, it’s a life path which can involve starting lots of creative projects and jumping from idea to idea like an energizer bunny on steroids. Exciting but not always easy to corral for focused work!

Astrologically, the most obvious choice for comparison would be Leo, but in my case since I am an Aries Sun with a Capricorn Moon and Capricorn rising, so I have some strong business sense to help reign in my creative brain. Thank goodness!

Many with a life path 3 are often artists of some sort – literally or figuratively. So you might find painters, sculptors, designers, writers, actors and singers, all demonstrating a life of creative expression. Other Life Path 3s may become chefs, designers or architects, work in child-care or beauty as hairstylist, cosmetologist or makeup artist. One of the biggest issues for 3s is finding themselves bound to a routine, especially one not of their own making, and the more off-beat and creative careers often allow for a freedom of expression most jobs might not.

So, here you are a Life Path 3 and you’re nowhere near the kind of job with such a creative impulse running through it.

Does it matter?

Maybe not…

Life Path 3 and Your Career

One of the most creative people I ever met in my life was an accountant with a life path 3.

Yes, that’s right – I said accountant.

He was a really good accountant – great with numbers but that wasn’t the interesting part: He was also always coming up with really innovative ways to improve the business. In fact, he couldn’t stop coming up with really effective ideas that made business more and more successful. He was expressing his creative 3 in a way that combined his love of numbers with his desire to contribute in new and innovative ways, and it worked for him!

So, whatever field you find yourself in, find a way to bring your creativity to the fore. Many people were raised to think that creativity and creative expression should be reserved for hobbies and not what you can make a real living at.

Well change that script in your head! If you are in construction, build the best and most creatively efficient homes you can. If you work in an office put into action those ideas that keep popping into your head on how the office could run better!

Align yourself with your natural Life Path energy and you’ll make the world brighter for everyone around you.

Remember – The ability to combine the ideal with the real is one of the keys to success in life and work.

So whether you’re 14 or 40, there’s a way for you to find job fulfilment in what you are currently doing!  It’s just a matter of aligning with your Life Path Number and thinking creatively … your perfect career could be closer than you think!

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