Is lockdown finally easing over in your corner of the globe?

Or are you still holed up at home with Netflix and Zoom Conferencing your only channels to the outside world?!

The past few months have seen the kind of restrictions on movement and travel that seemed unthinkable just months before. Yet the message was clear: stay home, and you’ll stay safe. Until the boredom sinks in, that is…

girl dealing with boredom

Do you know your Life Path Number?

This is the most fundamental number in your entire numerology chart. It describes your pathway through life, what turns you on, and what kills that spark of joy.

To figure out yours simply use the calculator below. Then read on and tell us, is THIS how you’ve been dealing with life in lockdown?!

Life Path 1: You Exercise and Get the Competition Going

Exercise is non-negotiable in your world, Life Path 1!

But if team sports are out of the question, you turn to online streaming of the most high-intensity workouts the internet has to offer.

Apps with tracking? Even better – without real-life folks to play against in your sporting endeavors, at least you can note your own progress, and use it to push yourself even harder!

If that competitive spirit threatens to bubble over, you can always keep busy playing your favorite games. Scrabble. Monopoly. Risk? Anything with a clear winner at the end!

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Life Path 2: You LIVE for Heart to Hearts and Full Body Hugs

One-to-one contact is about as good as it gets for the Life Path 2. You love nothing more than the deep dive into conversation, feelings, and understanding between friends. So if boredom strikes, you’ll be found either searching out a flatmate to have a natter with, or failing that you’re straight on the phone to a friend.

In a relationship? Then boredom means only one thing – time physical connection in the shape of some full-body hugs. One of your most fun things to overcome those bored feels. BLISS.

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Life Path 3: You’re Knee Deep in THAT creative project

Feeling bored isn’t really a thing for you, is it Life Path 3?

With one of the most fun and creative numbers in Numerology guiding your life, as soon as a little free time opens up, you’re all over it with your big artistic ideas! Rarely lacking creative inspiration, you’ve got a whole heap of ideas stacked up in your imagination, just waiting to be set free.

But the art’s only half the story.

The next part is sharing it all over Instagram with your followers, and getting instant feedback on your creations. Who could EVER claim to be bored with SO many people on the end of your phone?

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Life Path 4: You DIY

Home improvements could be your middle name, Life Path 4.

When boredom hits, you overcome it by reaching straight for the tools. Or the paint. Or your latest French-inspired design inspo Pinterest board.

As a practical number, the 4 likes to keep busy by actually DOING tangible, productive things. So if the closet needs clearing out, and old clothes sorting through, you don’t hold back! Or if that website needs building, well that’s a situation you’ll happily spend hours on. And if you’re ever lacking the skills, then this number won’t think twice about learning something new.

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Life Path 5: You Plan your next BIG adventure

Sure, travel may be out of the question right now. But that doesn’t mean you can’t overcome your most boring moments SWOONING over travel destinations and plotting your next trip.

The most fun to be had is filling your mind with inspirational ideas and photography from the furthest corners of the globe. All from your own private comfort zone.

You’re most likely to be found buried under a pile of lonely planets, or scouring forums learning about the best places to stay in Vietnam. Escape and adventure are TOP of your agenda. Boring you are not.

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Life Path 6: You Cater. For everyone.

SO much to be done! If you’re not cooking for the household then you’ve probably found someone else in need who needs to be looked after from afar…

The Life Path 6 beats boredom by providing for everyone and anyone else. You’re a giver. And even in the most tricky times, your natural creativity shines through.

You love to satisfaction of creating something out of nothing – a feast for friends from nothing but leftovers. A pretty new cushion cover from a scrap of rejected fabric. An upcycled coffee table from a couple of old pallets…

Crafting is where your inner kid comes out to play, and boredom is no longer a problem!

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Life Path 7: You’re Down the Rabbit Hole of Research and Personal Development

On a perpetual mission to understand life, this Life Path won’t rest until it’s figured out some answers! Escaping feelings of boredom if, for you, all about going inward.

Maybe your mind is focused on a personal research project you’ve got going on the side? Or you’re avoiding ennui via a course in transcendental meditation?

For you, Life Path 7, there are always further depths of discovery to be reached. So if you’re bored, you’re simply not asking the right questions.

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Life Path 8: You Start Talking Business

Life is FULL of opportunities. And if you’re feeling bored, then you must be missing one of them, right Life Path 8?

You deal with the first signs of boredom by hatching new plans to make money, have influence, and widen your empire. For that reason, you usually have a motivational podcast on in the background. Or an uplifting song playing to keep your energy high.

That’s if you’re not getting distracted by online shopping… Well, if you’re spending it, you gotta be making it too!

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Life Path 9: You are Saving the World

Any dip in momentum is a chance to make a positive change, right Life Path 9?

Lockdown’s likely had you networking with other changemakers, finding ways to birth a new world into existence.

You’re idealistic, and feel all the feels. So are and hungry for equality, justice, world peace… ALL the good things! For you, this is the moment to find creative ways to get us all out of this mess.

OH, also watching your favorite movies. The older, and more nostalgic the better. THAT is also your jam, Life Path 9.

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Life Path 11: You are the Spiritual Development GURU

You deal with boredom by diving into spiritual development and personal growth. Let’s face it, this is your favorite thing to spend time on, feeling bored or not!

You meditate, listen to inspirational podcasts, and break the monotony by thinking up ways to manifest that life you most desire… it’s all to do with frequency and vibration, right, Master Number 11? For you, more than most. And you know it.

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Life Path 22: You Turn to your Work

We didn’t want to say the word, Life Path 22, but in times of boredom it’s hard to avoid it: workaholic!

This Master Number has both practical and interpersonal skills, meaning there’s always work for you to do in the world. You’re a self-motivator, procrastination doesn’t enter your vocabulary, and you have vision like no other number.

There’s actually no way for you to feel bored, Life Path 22.. what are we even talking about?!!

OK, let’s get real.

What have YOU been doing to overcome the dreaded boredom whilst in lockdown? Drop your Life Path Number in the comments below, and let us know if it aligns with your favorite ways to pass the time…


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