2015 Crystal Colorscope – The Year Of Karmic Balance

By January 8, 2015Divination

Now that we’re all getting into the flow of 2015, it’s time for your yearly Crystal Colorscope!

How To Use The Crystal Colorscope

The Crystal ColorScope is an interactive oracle inviting you to intuitively select a crystal with a message that is relevant for you in this moment. Use the crystal you choose to help focus on what is most needed for your success and peace of mind during this month. You can use the actual crystal or tune into its essence using a photo, or simply call on the crystal’s energy to infuse your auric field and life with its qualities.

Before You Play The Video

1. Focus on the question, “What does my soul most want me to know right now?”
2. Then using your intuition select either Number 1, 2, or 3, for a crystal-inspired message for your month ahead.
3. Watch the video, listen to the first crystal for everyone and see how that flavors your month, then when prompted move your play cursor to the right spot to watch your message.

If you missed it, here are the times for your personal Crystal Colorscope Message. Just move the play cursor at the bottom of the video to the right minute and second!

⇾ If you picked 1 – 4:58
⇾ If you picked 2 – 9:33
⇾ If you picked 3 – 14.25

As many of you will already know, 2015 is an 8 year and one that promises abundance, wealth and prosperity. I like to imagine numbers and letters are symbols that embrace ancient wisdom and contain a higher meaning beyond their immediate interpretation. For me 8 is the number of Saturn, the Lord of Time and Karma. I feel this year is about karmic rewards for good deeds done. Even the figure 8 appears to be a reflection of the idiom, “as above, so below.” So this is also a year of balance. Color and crystals can help with balance on a spiritual level.

Color wheel background. Vector IllustrationBalancing Your Life With Color

For every color there is an opposite. For black it’s white, but for the rainbow spectrum look to the color wheel to see what it’s complementary or balancing color is. The opposite color’s qualities can bring balance to the one color whose characteristics are overrunning your life.

Anxious? Angry? Worried About Money?

For example, if you’ve been feeling anxious or angry, if money has been coming in and leaving immediately, or if you can’t hold a job down then you might have too much red energy in your auric field. Red is opposite green. Red is a hot color, energetic, passionate, steamy, and hot tempered too. To bring balance use the opposite color green to calm, relax and create steady abundance. Carry green stones such as aventurine or jade, wear green or surround yourself with nature. You can even eat more greens to infuse your energy field and life with this color.

Scared Or Fearful?

If you’re feeling fear – a yellow quality – the opposite color violet will help stimulate faith. Amethyst or Tanzanite would be wonderful stones to counteract fear. Wear or have them close to you; these stones are particularly good to meditate with.

Too Much Fun? Not Enough Work?

Orange is a color of fun, bliss, and playfulness, if you’re playing too much then bring in blue, it’s opposite, but if you’re working too hard then you’ve probably got too much blue in your energy field. In that case orange calcite or carnelian would help. As with most red based stones it’s best to keep them away from where you sleep. Not everyone is the same, but they tend to increase activity and energize you.

In this 8 year you have a wonderful opportunity to balance whatever isn’t working for you by infusing your life with color. I’ve detailed just a few colors. One of the best ways to now what you need for balance is you invite your own inner wisdom to share it’s guidance. So for instance, if you’ve been challenged to find a loving relationship meditate on this question and then ask “What color is my relationship energy?” You might hear a color, see it, know it, or maybe feel it. Once you get your colors then ask, “What color will balance this energy?”  or “Which color will heal my relationship challenges?” Allow your own inner guidance system to share it’s wisdom, this is personal to you so don’t doubt the information. I would LOVE to know what came up for you.

Please share your experience in the comments below, it may also help others going through the same challenge. 


About Elizabeth Harper

Elizabeth Harper is an internationally acclaimed Color Clairvoyant, Metaphysical Artist, and teacher who has helped thousands globally to access their psychic and color intuitive skills through her playful approach to learning. She has been featured on Woman's World, the BBC, Sirius XM, and is the author of How to Fulfill Your Heart’s Desires. You can explore her coloriscious world at Sealed With Love and support your own creativity with your free Archangel Gabriel Prayer.

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