Are Your Angels Trying to Talk To You!?

Did you know that you have at least one Guardian Angel?

Within the entirety and vastness of the Universe, you have a powerful, light-filled, non-physical messenger of the divine, whose sole purpose is to offer YOU their guidance, support, and spiritual protection, every single day? This personal, angelic, love-filled cheer-leader does this by leaving you a trail of signs, symbols, and numerical sequences wherever you go. All you need to do is follow the signs…

Sounds easy, right?

Do you keep seeing the same numbers sequences over and over again?

Say for example you wake up in the middle of the night and look at your clock right at 8:35.

Then later that day you buy something and receive exactly $8.35 back in change.

Maybe you notice you’re following a car with the license plate numbers 835 and then moments later you pass a mile marker showing 835.

Then on the way home, you glance over and see a house with the digits 835 on the door…

Sound like something that could happen to you?

So many of us move through life blissfully (or maybe not quite so blissfully!) unaware of the subtler signs, that our Angels and their Angel messages are having to getting a little more insistent!

Maybe you see these kinds of repeating number sequences every so often, over a number of weeks? Or perhaps it’s a more frequent occurrence, happening every single day? In which case, you really do need to start taking notice and realize the huge significance of these numbers!

Want to decode the secret meanings behind these Divine digits? Well, perhaps you can!

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But WHY Angel Numbers?

First brought into the mainstream by best-selling author Doreen Virtue, Angel Numbers are a common, practical and accessible way for your angels to get your attention, and communicate meaningful messages from beyond the physical realm. We all recognize and understand numbers. Even if you’re not familiar with numerology, or the innate vibrational frequencies held within numbers, it’s easy to recognize repetition and pattern. And in our increasingly digitalized world, numbers are literally everywhere. 

Many people offer readings with Angel cards or oracle cards, and whilst these are incredible tools, they require a much more in-depth connection with the angelic realm, to begin with. But angel numbers contain deep, unbiased, cross-cultural (and free-flowing) spiritual significance. They can enter into literally anybody’s life, at any time. And why Angels continue to use them as a means of offering divine guidance to the human realm, all comes down to pure resonance and frequency.

Angels are spiritual beings who are made up of high vibrational, love-filled light. Their energy is actually so fine and pure that it’s impossible for most people to see them and receive their guidance directly. This is because it is first necessary to release the heavy layers of density and let go of limiting beliefs, in order to raise your own vibration to meet the vibration of angels. And not everyone can do this.  But Angel Numbers can cross this bridge for us.

What Are Your Angels Trying to Say To You?

Regardless of what they represent in numerology, the general message when you see recurring numbers is always the same: Seeing Angel messages in the form of numbers means that your Angels are with you and offering their love and guidance from beyond the physical. Angels use recurring numbers to get your attention in a way that won’t be blocked out by your subconscious or ego mind, and in a way that won’t scare you. So, when angel numbers appear, know that your angels are close…


And pay attention – with a quiet mind and an open heart you will begin to receive the abundance of angelic guidance and insight that is available to you in each and every moment.

It’s also important to notice which numbers are appearing in your life, to enable you to decode the unique messages within them. Specific numbers represent specific themes and aspects of life. So whilst they are all incredibly powerful, it’s vital that you’re able to unlock the unique angel messages that are meant for you.

Here is a quick look at the vibrational meanings coded within each angel number:

When you receive a combination or sequence of numbers like 1234, 911 or even your birthdate, the meanings change and are less clear-cut as these kinds of numbers can mean different things to different people. Look at each number individually, but also add them up to see what their sum is. This number will also hold an angel message that you’re supposed to receive.

Most commonly, 123 is a sign that you are being encouraged to simplify some part of your life, and your guardian angels are present, ready to help you with this. Likewise, 321 can be a sign that you are overcomplicating something and need to let go of resistance.

If you frequently see your birthdate repeating in plain sight around you, it is an incredibly potent and personal message of angelic support!  You are safe, you are being divinely guided, so reach for the stars – you’ll get there fast!

What To Do When You Receive A Message

When you notice angel numbers and number sequences of any kind, pay attention to what you were just thinking about and what is currently happening around you, in addition to noting the meanings of the numbers above.

Angels offer you pertinent guidance, which is always related to what is happening in your life or as answers to your questions – their guidance isn’t ever random or unwarranted.

Refer to the numerology behind a certain sequence, and familiarise yourself with the timeless, universal meanings they contain. But always trust your intuition about a number message, especially if its occurrence in your life becomes repetitive.

The more you increase your awareness, pay attention to the insight you’re receiving, and seek to connect with the guidance from your angels, the more you will begin to notice just how much love, wisdom, and support is available for you from the angelic realm in every single moment.

So the next time you find yourself seeing the same numbers or number sequences popping up around you, know that it’s not simply a coincidence. These very numbers contain messages for you from Spirit. Quiet your mind, be aware of your thoughts, open your heart, and tune into the loving, guiding messages from your angelic support team!

Wish you could decode these messages from the Divine? Well, perhaps you can!

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