Capricorn is one of 3 signs characterized by the Earth element, which helps keep Capricorn down-to-earth. Although Capricorn child is resourceful on her own, she knows that observing and learning from other people is one of the quicker ways to add to her set of skills. She is also practical and realistic, and she naturally gravitates towards the most efficient ways to do things. Once she learns a skill she finds useful, she will attempt to master it on her own. Despite her independent nature, she still depends on her parents emotionally. Be sure to give her tons of love and attention. She also feels best when her surroundings are consistent. Big changes interrupt her at the core. Capricorn child has a difficult time adjusting to changes such as moving and being separated from her routine and social life at school. Being an Earth sign, Capricorn child builds her foundations when her ground is stable. In the event that she does relocate to another school, she is likely to become popular among her classmates. She can become bossy with siblings and friends. Some Capricorn children may even be overbearing towards friends in an attempt to better their lives. As adults, they will concern themselves with the needs of family members and friends. The downside of being hands-on with her direct concerns of others is that Capricorn child might be taken away from other parts of her life as a result.

Early on, Capricorn child will show industriousness through her understanding of how to get from point A to point B. As a parent, you will definitely appreciate having such a resourceful young member of your family, and she gets better when appreciation is given. Although appreciation is welcomed by Capricorn child, she should also know that she is loved simply because she is your child. Her ability to concentrate on her goals is impressive. As the Mountain Goat, she knows that her place is at the top of the mountain, and your approval of her journey will be rewarding for both you and her. She may not be as candid as other children and can be private about certain hobbies and behaviors. If this is the case, she would be so grateful if you don’t bring it up in conversation with or around friends and extended family. She will find that she functions best when her life is structured, but she can be flexible and improvise if need be. When she has set schedules and plans, she feels secure enough to work on everything in between. At a young age, Capricorn child can surprise you with her ability to gain respect, authority and take charge. She isn’t always decisive, but when she wants something, she isn’t afraid to ask or go for it.

Born from December 21st to January 20th, Capricorn child shows strong work ethic from a very young age. She needs security, which is what she aspires to attain through her work ethic. She may even show aggression when competing against others because she hates losing. When she does lose at something that is considered to be important in others’ eyes, she will become determined to improve that skill. If she does not meet society’s expectations of a winner, keep in mind that Capricorn child is already beating herself up over it. Criticizing her for failure will be similar to kicking her when she is already down. Instead, spark up her determination by encouraging her to practice until she gets better. Capricorn is symbolized by the Mountain Goat, who runs on determination, ambition and intelligence. Her thoughts will gravitate towards practical matters, so try to encourage creativity and free-thinking through fun conversation. You will find out that Capricorn child has big dreams, and she needs your support in order to achieve them. If told she is somehow dreaming past her limits, she will feel discouraged from communicating and following through with her big dreams. Chances are, she will need help seeing her own potential. She benefits most with parents who respect her wishes as long as they are positive, and parents who don’t put a damper on her ideas.

Capricorn is associated with responsibility, aspiration and dependability. Capricorn child understands the importance of doing her best in competitions and accomplishing goals, but she can get down on herself when she doesn’t succeed right away. One of the best things you can ingrain in her is the knowledge that some people are naturally good at certain activities, but she can reach their level of skill with practice and hard work. Capricorn child will astonish you when nurtured by parents who offer confidence and support. However she may be shy about her abilities and not want to show off. She will feel better about working on her own, as it aids concentration and progress. It is wonderful to have a child who is goal-oriented, but she may need guidance on how to see working and practicing with others as an asset. If Capricorn child has siblings, have her do chores with them to see how teamwork can be more efficient and fun because she is interacting with others. She often prefers doing something she feels has a purpose, so combining work and human interaction will appeal to her.

Everyday matters concern Capricorn child, as she thinks up and plans logical solutions to them. It is impressive to see such realistic and mature tendencies in a child, but if she seems too consumed with these types of thoughts, encourage her to let loose and play. Show her how pursuing interests purely for fun can ease tension. Capricorn adults and children eventually find a way to balance their work and play attitudes, but as a parent it is important that you show Capricorn child how not to tip the scale too far on either end. The most successful Capricorns know how to work and have fun in moderation. Capricorn child loves being at home, and prefers to live in a home where she can openly explore all facets of herself. When she is comfortable at home, she will want to invite friends to come over instead of going to visit them. Encourage her to change her scenery. As an earth sign, Capricorn child will feel connected to nature and the outdoors. She generally devotes her time to doing what is expected of her, and mentally letting go of this is difficult. If she is already doing her best, but is constantly scolded or nagged to follow rules and morals, she will push herself to the extreme. She will generally follow what she is taught to be right and wrong.