cancer child zodiacPinThe zodiac sign Cancer is ruled by the Moon and symbolized by a crab, which imparts Cancer natives with a soft interior and hard exterior. Just as water tides are affected by the Moon, the Cancer baby’s moods can be as well. The Moon also symbolizes the “Mother figure” in one’s life, so she may have a very strong attachment to her mother especially in her early years.
She is born family-oriented and reserved around new faces. Cancer baby can get uncomfortable when new people try to carry her. She will have a harder time being weaned off of breastfeeding than other babies, since Cancer rules the chest area. Cancer child may grow up faster than other children her age because of her desire to care for others. Cancer child loves having electronic pets or stuffed animals to take care of. In the future, the Cancer adult will be one who prioritizes becoming a mother or father figure.
The Cancer child dislikes being among crowds of people. She is sensitive to others’ thoughts and feelings, and it can be overwhelming. Cancer child is happiest when her love for comfort is fulfilled with cozy surroundings at home. Home is her sanctuary. Calm communication and stability must be constant there, since the way she is treated at home is the same way she will treat others. On the other hand, if she is frequently exposed to hostility and raised voices, she will also integrate that into her life outside of home. Expose her to other children as early as possible, as this will help her distinguish the differences between her expectations of friends and family members.
During times of adversity, emotional privacy is important to Cancer child. Give her a fair amount of alone time, but gently let her know that it is okay to have feelings. Her life at home is what she carries with her into the world. Teach her to communicate when it is challenging for her. Let her know that emotional openness helps relationships flourish. Cancer child may have a hard time communicating her needs. She knows that some emotions cannot be expressed with words, so she often resorts to not saying anything at all. Additionally, she sees being hurt as a weakness, and she doesn’t like being seen as weak. Let her know that if issues between people aren’t confronted, resentment builds and ends up breaking relationships. Tell her stories about when you were hurt by someone you were close to, and the actions that you took to resolve those situations.
The Cancer child is very perceptive to peoples’ energies around her, and she intuitively knows what other people need. She is thoughtful, loves to nurture and wants to be strong for others. This leads her to everyone’s favorite hobby – eating! Cooking is a favorite pastime for Cancer child because she knows that food nurtures people and brings them together. As a child, Cancer is happy to help set up the dinner table and prepare food. However, don’t expect her to enjoy cleaning up afterwards! The Cancer child can be insecure because she internalizes negativity from the past. Some Cancers purely love nurturing others out of kindness, whereas some distract themselves by being of service to others.
Although people of every sign carry on their childhood experiences to some extent, the Cancer adult’s persona will be even more significantly shaped by her childhood. Many Cancers have photographic memory, which is a factor in being able to experience her childhood as if it was just yesterday. She will remember times when she was treated wrongly, which may result in abandonment issues in the future. On the contrary, when she is raised with love, she will continue to come back to her caretakers with gratitude and even more love in the future.