Partial Solar Eclipse on dramatic dark blue sky

On July 12th at 19:47 PT / 03:47 BST on the 13th, we’ll see a New Moon at 20º of Cancer.

This will also be a Supermoon and a partial solar eclipse.  Just like the New Moon, which began the previous lunar cycle in Gemini, this one sails exceptionally close to Earth on her orbit, meaning that her energetic pull will be strong.  Expect tidal ranges to be extreme, emotions too.

Cancer, sign of the crab, is a water sign. It’s not fixed, deep and brooding like Scorpio, but active, initiating and flowing. Like a busy mother figure, twirling around the kitchen in her skirts, busily tending the nest for her babes, Cancer births the new season, creating space. And holding it for others: offering a safe haven in which to unwind, offload and be witnessed. Cancer offers home, security and sanctuary.  The places where we rest, are nurtured and find our family.

This Supermoon will exaggerate our yearning for this homecoming. For this mother figure and her gifts of life and sanctuary (or at least for the feelings created in us, through the spaces she offers).

How to Set New Moon intentions according to your Personal Chart (and the Houses)

Where this lunation falls in your personal chart will have the most bearing on which part of your life is being held in the shell – the crucible – of the Cancer New Moon.

The reason it’s useful to have this extra information is that it offers up additional insight around the personal impact of the New Moon, and can guide you into making more effective and intentional change.  

New Moons are springboards

They are openings, new beginnings and opportunities to start afresh, so intentionally placing your efforts into the same portion of your life that the New Moon’s energy is focused, will amplify your efforts.  The way to work this out is to see which HOUSE the New Moon occurs in, for you.  (If you don’t have a personal astrological chart drawn up yet, you can download a free one HERE).

Being a Supermoon, this New Moon has the potential to really initiate some really big changes for us all. Being closer to earth, it’s energetic influence will be even stronger than normal so this makes it a really great time to go the extra mile and look up which house this lunation is activating for you.  And as a partial solar eclipse (more on that later), it’s likely that this area of your life will receive something of a shake-up, whether you like it or not, so better be prepared!

Does the New Moon fall in your first house of self?

Then set intentions around your self-identity, your appearance, your expression in the world.

Does it fall in your fifth house of creativity, children and fun?

Then set intentions to ignite ways to find pleasure and enjoyment!

Does it fall in your 9th house of higher learning, spirit quests and travel?

Then set intentions around developing what you believe and want to learn and experience with your life.

What Causes a Partial Solar Eclipse?

Eclipses always come in pairs … at least.  This one is the first of three, which is unusual.

The next two are:

  • July 27th (Lunar Eclipse at 4º Aquarius)
  • Aug 11th (Solar Eclipse at 18º Leo)

Astronomy (and the laws of physics) dictate that a solar eclipse will always also be a New Moon, and a lunar eclipse will always also be a Full Moon.  So at the time of this solar eclipse in Cancer, both Sun and Moon are conjunct, and as the Moon sweeps around in front of the Sun on her orbit, she clips what we see of the Sun’s rays, forming a partial eclipse.  This one will only be visible by those in the very south-east of Australia, New Zealand and Tasmania.

What Will the Partial Solar Eclipse Mean for You?

Because of this planetary alignment, and in particular the momentary interruption of sunlight beaming to Earth, solar eclipses are often regarded as a kind of cosmic reset. They are like super-charged New Moons, with the amplified potential to kick-start something new into being.  But… this can happen without intention. Without conscious participation and without warning.

North Node or South Node … Our Future or Our Past?

Eclipses happen on one of only two points on the Moons orbit.  These points are where it crosses the Earth’s orbit around the Sun, and are called the Nodes.  Whether an eclipse happens on the north node or the south node (on the Moons forward or returning trajectory) matters very much, because it flavors the type of change that the eclipse is ushering in.

North Node eclipses concern the collective future. Our highest potential, where we are heading, what we could, and should be aiming for. South node eclipses concern the collective past. Or lessons, traumas and the healing we still need to do, as well as the dangers of repeating history.

This Solar eclipse occurs on the North Node

So all of the strong, Cancerian energy, the sensitive, flowing, maternal, home-maker, home-seeker energy is pointing us towards our collective future.  To our highest potential. To the decisions and the choices we need to make to take us there.

The intentions that YOU set, the commitments that YOU make at this powerful lunation, will set the trajectory for your progression, and by default, for OUR progression.

Solar Eclipse: Watch out for Curveballs!

BUT, if you’re currently off the mark, if your personal efforts to get ahead in life are way out of alignment with the guiding star – the North Node – as it currently sits in the sign of Cancer then this eclipse may just throw you a curveball: Unplanned, surprising and disruptive events frequently happen alongside them.  

These events can seem to rip out the rug from under your feet, turning the world on its head. But however uneasy and problematic they initially feel, these events are always a form of cosmic realignment, course-corrections to jolt you from a sleepy, cruising-through-life-position, back into participation with your purpose.  

The caveat is knowing the placement of your astrological houses, as described earlier. This is because if you’re aware of the area of your life which is under the most influence of the eclipse, and therefore subject to such change, this is where to plan for transformation!

Sun & Moon Opposing Pluto: Transformation Getting REAL

Speaking of transformation, there is one strong planetary aspect also worth mentioning here.  At the exact time of the New Supermoon & Solar Eclipse, Sun and Moon in Cancer are exactly opposing Pluto at 20º of Capricorn.

Pluto in Capricorn brings our focus to issues of authority, power and control, which when out of balance, all align closely with shadow traits of Cancer.  And if there’s one thing we’ve already seen about the astrology of eclipses, they’re not a balanced picture. So these issues are set to rise. And rise and rise (take another look at this post about the Full Moon in Capricorn which ignited these issues two weeks ago).

It is very, very likely that on a personal level, any unmet survival issues, unresolved family dynamics or issues of parental control (relating to your parents, or your children) will rear up, re-activated into plain sight by the stark and potent energy of the eclipse.

They will either reek havoc in your life, OR move through a portal of transformation.  You get to choose which happens, and Pluto offers the opportunity. Its influence rarely feels like sunshine and roses but combined with the change-making effects of eclipse season, it could be your ticket to a whole new world.

See you on the other side.


About Katherine Anne Lee

Katherine Anne Lee is a writer, truth-teller and edge walker. She specializes in reading, and guiding others through the energetic patterns and rhythms that spiral through our worlds. Katherine has spent almost a decade training in the lunar mysteries, and European Shamanic Practice, gathering extensive knowledge and experience in these esoteric arts. She offers practical tools and methods to help modern humans use and integrate this ancient wisdom, in a rapidly evolving world. Visit The Moon School

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