What Does Your Moon Sign Say About You?

In astrology, our Moon Sign represents how we deal with emotions, our deepest needs and our subconscious mind.

Keep reading to know what your Moon Sign says about you! Don’t know your moon sign? You can get it here.



You have an instinctive need for action and are quite impulsive. You possess great emotional passion. Your high emotional energy is a powerful trait when channeled into family, personal relationships, creative pursuits, or meaningful work. Be sure to use your potent lunar energy for personally worthwhile pursuits.


You require a sense of both firm material and emotional foundations, and you will rise to defend these foundations if they are threatened in any way. You are a fiercely determined creature. You have a strong desire for comfort and luxury, whatever that looks like for you. So indulge a little Taurus!


You are quick with verbal responses and are likely a bit of a chatterbox! You speak up for what you believe in and may be involved in activism in some way. You have an innate distrust of emotions, as they often contradict logic. You have a natural restless, so keep moving, doing things and most importantly learning!


You are a very emotional being. A strong and active imagination can be negatively expressed through worry, so relax dear Cancer. Instead channel this ability into creative pursuits. You have high intuitive levels and the capacity to develop strong physic sense. Always follow your instincts, they won’t let you down!


You are a naturally happy and enthusiastic person. You are an excellent leader and have a strong “on the fly” organizational ability, which makes you a real asset in an emergency. You have a powerful imagination and intuition, so always follow your gut. You’re a big achiever Leo, so shoot for the stars!


You are likely very talkative when nervous. You have an abundance of energy, which harnessed positively serves you in competitive situations. Your reactions are quick, making you excellent at arguments or debates. You’re likely an excellent writer, so be sure to pursue this skill Virgo!


You are a natural peacemaker with a deep sense of empathy, as well as the ability to listen well to others. You are often good at keeping calm in chaotic situations. You have the tendency to bring out the best in others and have an immediate charm which attracts others and puts them at ease.


Not only do you have a high emotional energy, you also possess high levels of physical energy. You are one determined creature and have a strong urge to achieve. You’re also excellent at encouraging others to achieve in their own lives. You possess an incredible inner strength and resourcefulness which will serve you powerfully throughout your life.


You love a challenge and tend to thrive in adverse situations. You are naturally very optimistic, positive and enthusiastic. You are often restless and need to channel your high energy into both physical and intellectual pursuits. Learning and growing is very important to you.


You are usually emotionally “under control”, and can come across a little cold but your terrific unconventional sense of humor makes up for it! You are able to enjoy the good things in life. You are highly ambitious, and due to your common sense and determination will likely achieve success in your goals.


You appear very mysterious and are all the more magnetic for it. You are quite unpredictable and wonderfully spontaneous. You are strongly attracted to the glamorous things in life and have a strong romantic streak. You are very original and have an innate spark of genius. Make sure you act upon your sudden bursts of inspiration and bright ideas, they will take you far in life.


You are a very emotional being and are easily moved to sadness or happiness. You can be strongly effected by art, and likely have a deep appreciation for art forms such as music or poetry. You are a kind, sympathetic and caring individual that has a big heart, especially for those who are in need in some way.


By Owlvine Green