Prepare for battle! This Wednesday (Sept 9th, 2020), warrior planet Mars turns retrograde in fiery Aries, and it can only mean one thing…

The Cosmos is about to clash in a ferocious firestorm of Martian energies. As if you needed another challenge during 2020, Mars Retrograde is about to stir up some uncomfortable situations in both your personal and professional life.

What Does Mars Retrograde Mean?

In astrology circles, we’re forever throwing around “Mercury Retrograde” as the most formidable of astro-events. But when our solar systems second “M” planet does its backward dash across the sky, we shouldn’t be any less nervous.

Although Mars Retrograde only happens once every two years, it’s fiery temperament and close proximity to the Earth means that its effects are something we’ll all feel quite strongly. When the planet of war, desire and conflict goes retrograde, expect stress and life-changing drama. Mars Retrograde is peppered with frustration at every turn and you may feel like you just can’t gain traction.

Both at work and in your home/love life, you’ll feel like you just can’t find your footing. And where once was forward motion and progress, is stagnance. During Mars direct, you may outwardly express your intense disdain at this but when he’s retrograde, you’ll internalize it.

Mars likes to fight and is quick to lose his temper. And this year, he’s in his home sign of fire sign, Aries. It’s an alignment that is set to turn up the heat on this already volatile event. That said, it’s up to you to decide how to use this energy. You have a choice!

Channel the energy well and you’ll end up fighting for a worthwhile cause rather than getting wrapped up in pointless battles. Things might get tense, especially when obstacles, limits and authority stands in your way. But make Mars your friend instead of your foe and you may just come out the other side victorious!

To help you fight the good fight, here are three ways you can navigate your way through Mars Retrograde.

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1. Look Back To 2016 and 2018

Although we usually recommend looking forward, it’s important to learn from the past. Especially in this situation. Mars last went retrograde in 2016 and 2018, so remembering the themes that came up for you then could be the key to navigating the difficult one ahead.

More important than remembering what came up for you though, is remembering the lessons you learned. How did you manage to overcome the challenges of the last Mars Retrograde? Try to think about these things and logically apply them to the frustrations, issues and problems you come up against over the next few weeks.

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2. Use The #4 Energy

Luckily, you’re in pretty good shape to get battle-ready. This week is still steeped in grounded 4 energy thanks to the rare 444 code triggered last Friday (4th day of a 4 Universal Month in a 4 Universal Year). It’s these practical vibes that will give you a level-headed approach to the week. And that’s the exact opposite of what hot-headed, quick-tempered Mars Retrograde in Aries will be expecting of you.

So, Starchild, if you want to surrender to the warcry of your soul rather than crashing and burning in the fiery vibes, you must stand strong in the potent #4 energy. You must apply logic, remain calm and lay foundations to start a war worth winning. In doing so, you’ll avoid pointless quarrels and outbursts and be empowered to fight for what’s right for you instead!

3. Embrace The Uncertainty

In a year fraught with uncertainty, you’re probably a pro at embracing it by now. Which is lucky, since Mars Retrograde is ALL about uncertainty. When the warrior planet is doing his backwards dash across the sky, feelings of uncertainty surrounding your love life, job and direction in life will likely come up. It’s important to remember that it’s perfectly ok to feel a bit unsure and uneasy about where you’re heading or which path you should take. To truly emerge from Mars Retrograde, you need to acknowledge these feelings and lean into the uncertainty.

Remember, with uncertainty comes eventual clarity. That anxious-unknowing feeling in the pit of your stomach is your body’s process of figuring things out. So, don’t freak when you feel it. Smile instead. Don’t make any rash decisions based on fear of the unknown. Embrace the fact that in this moment, the next chapter of your story is being written… and you’ll be able to read it very soon!

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So, are you battle-ready?! Type “YES” in the comments for an extra Mars Retrograde boost!

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