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Venus, the planet of love, pleasure and beauty goes into retrograde roughly every 1.5 years. This year, Venus retrograde started July 25, 2015 and ends September 6, 2015. Venus was retrograde in Virgo from July 25th to July 31st. Venus started its retrograde transit in Leo on July 31st and will end its retrograde period in Leo. When a planet goes retrograde, it causes us to reflect on our current situations in regards to the planet’s energies – are we happy with our circumstances right now, or are we going about things in a way that suits us? In this case, Venus retrograde causes us to question and possibly prompt us to take action to change our current romantic and friendly relationships, our tastes in people and aesthetic objects, and our values.

Pre-Shadow, Post-Shadow

Before and after a planet goes retrograde, we experience a pre-shadow and post-shadow retrograde period. The pre-shadow period starts when a planet is moving forward in the zodiac and transits the degree that it will later go direct, and ends when the planet starts its retrograde motion. During the pre-shadow period, we find ourselves making decisions that may be questioned or changed during the retrograde period. The post-shadow period starts when the planet goes direct, and ends when the planet hits the degree that it went retrograde. During the post-shadow period, we get a chance to reflect and apply any lessons we have learned during the retrograde period. Venus retrograde’s pre-shadow period starts June 21, 2015, and its post-shadow period ends October 9, 2015.

Your Essential Lessons From This Venus Retrograde

With the end of Venus retrograde approaching, it is important to allow yourself to learn its lessons if you haven’t already. Although Venus retrograde occurs somewhat frequently, 2015 is a great year to take any lessons in stride. 2015 is a Universal 8 year (2+0+1+5=8). It is a year in which our mental, emotional and physical capabilities are strengthened and applied to whatever potentials we choose to explore!
Venus retrograde teaches us essential lessons on relationships and personal values. This year, Venus starts its retrograde motion at 0° Virgo and goes direct 14° Leo. These degrees are our sensitive points during this retrograde, and will show us which areas of our lives are most likely to be affected by it. Take note of the house(s) in which these degrees are located in your natal chart. Also, check whether or not these degrees make any disharmonious aspects to planets in your natal chart, such as the opposition (180°), square (90°) or even a conjunction (0°) which can be disharmonious depending on the planets involved. If these degrees make disharmonious aspects to planets in our natal charts, we can feel the effects on the houses these planets reside in as well.

What Actually Happens During Retrograde

Planets.During the retrograde period, we will experience shifts in thinking within ourselves – some of them will be relevant, and some of them will be irrelevant. As stated previously, the post-shadow retrograde period is the time to apply the lessons we learned during retrograde. It is also a time to assess whether or not our shifts in thinking during the retrograde are conducive to our progression forward in life.

Questions & Lessons From Venus Retrograde

Here is a quick overview of questions to ask yourself during Venus’ post-shadow retrograde period, depending on which natal house(s) Venus retrograde affects.
To get your natal chart, just use this handy-dandy tool below:

 Just enter in your birth data and whichever house the 0 degree Virgo and 14 degree Leo degrees are in would be the house that Venus retrograde has personally affected you.

1st house: Do I feel the need to reinvent my personal image? Do I give off the kind of first impression that I would like to? Do I have a tendency to base my judgments on first impressions, and am I okay with that?
2nd house: Do I agree with how I have been handling my money and resources? Do I need to get a second job to better support myself? Am I involved in any situations that drain my assets without a justifiable return? What are my main priorities in life, and can I do a better job of supporting these priorities?
3rd house: How do I benefit from all the social situations I am involved in? Have I been communicating my desires clearly? Do I need to clarify my own thoughts on what it is that I want from life?
4th house: Are my values in line with my current situation? Do I have any family issues that need to be resolved within me? Is there anything I am involved in that doesn’t fulfill my heart’s desire, and if so, do I feel a need to change that?
5th house: Are there any sources that I have not turned to for creative inspiration? Have I associated myself with positive people and activities? Do I have any untapped creative potential that I could apply to certain parts of my life?
6th house: Do I need to add, subtract, consolidate or tweak tasks in my daily routine to live responsibly? Do I need to balance my diet to better suit my body, and how? Are there any tools, such as more surface areas or cabinets, that would make work easier?
7th house: Is my current romantic situation harmonious and meaningful, and if not, what can WE do to fix that? Do I expect too much from people, or do people expect too much from me? What do I truly want and need from a partner?
8th house: Have I suppressed any painful experiences, and am now I strong enough to let myself really feel it? Do I feel fulfilled with the amount of physical and psychological intimacy in my life? Are there any activities in my past that I miss doing, and how can I integrate them into the present?
9th house: How can I broaden my perspective on the world, and life in general? What can I do to ensure that I don’t lose sight of the dreams and goals that I can’t follow through with right now? Is there anything that is holding me back from expanding my life?
10th house: Am I pleased with the reputation I carry? Am I where I want to be financially, and how can I improve my financial situation? Who and what can I associate myself with to guide me to the right place in the right career?
11th house: Have I successfully discerned my friends and acquaintances, and if not, how can I learn to do so? Are there any social situations I can assess that are not emotionally fulfilling for me or the other party? Am I involved in any situations that are purely based on personal gain, and am I truly happy with that?
12th house: How can I utilize my empathy wisely, and have I been expending energy on anyone underserving? Have I been too worrisome of clingy in my personal relationships? Are there any issues of abandonment that I need to come to terms with?

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