As the 2nd ‘Luminary’ in your Astrology Chart, the Moon represents your Inner World

The Moon is your guide to aspects of your trues self which aren’t necessarily obvious on the outside. It’s connected to your emotional nature, your sense of security in the world, your mom or mother figures (including your own, inner feminine self), and your early childhood.

Feeling At Home

Where the moon is in your birth chart shows you the qualities of life that help you feel most ‘at home’ in the world. It is the place to turn to discover what true emotional security means to you.

So if your early childhood was unstable or chaotic, not only will this be reflected in the shadow aspects of your Moon sign, you will also want to turn to your Moon sign to discover the qualities that help you build emotional security as an adult.

Moon Sign Examples

It would be too much to describe every Moon sign’s qualities in a blog post, but 3 examples will help you get an idea of how different signs represent entirely different ways for a person to feel inner security with their world. So let’s have a look at the following: Moon in Gemini; Moon in Cancer and Moon in Aquarius.

Moon in Gemini

A Gemini Moon enjoys the company of others. Light-hearted chit-chat with a variety of different people, or intimate conversation with a dear friend make them feel at home. As the super-social sign of the zodiac, A Gemini Moon would start to feel uncomfortable or downright drained if left alone for too long. They’re emotional well-being is harmonized by connection and communication.

Moon in Cancer

By contrast, a Cancer Moon can only take so much external input before shutting down emotionally. Like a crab that tucks into its shell when danger is near, a Cancer Moon gets private and crabby when other people’s energy is in their space for too long.

Moon in Aquarius

An Aquarius Moon feels most emotionally comfy when analyzing his or her feelings. The challenge for an Aquarius Moon is to avoid emotional distancing from what she’s actually feeling. This is because Aquarius Moons can fall into a mental-emotional loop that sounds something like: “IthinkIfeelIthinkIfeelIthingIfeel …”

The positive side of an Aquarian Moon is his capacity to understand the subtleties of feelings within and those same subtleties with others.

Where’s your Moon?

If you know which sign your Moon was in at the moment of your birth, and you’d like a few juicy details of what that means about your inner world, just leave me a comment below!

Many blessings,