Happy Thanksgiving, folks!

Regardless if you celebrated or not, we wanted to take this opportunity to give thanks. Today we are grateful for YOU, for being a part of the Numerologist family!

We know you’re swarmed with deals and discounts all over the place, so this Black Friday weekend we decided to do something a little different. Today, instead of selling you something, we’re giving YOU something. This very special 15-minute healing meditation from Kari Samuels calls upon your angels and guides to elevate you to a blissful place of peace, love, and acceptance… so you can heal your past, welcome in more love and abundance, and be the change you wish to see in the world.

Right click the link below to download it onto your computer.

Right click and choose 'Save Link As' to download

We hope you enjoy this special gift of gratitude but before you go, there is one small catch…

If you’re feeling joyful, blessed, or loved, drop a comment below and shout out to the world what you’re most grateful for right now! In light of the current political, social and environmental turmoil that’s rippling through our communities, we feel that now is a time to focus on gratitude and forgiveness, not discounts and deals…

And with an online community of over 1 million strong, we have the power to collectively shift consciousness by focusing on what truly matter today, tomorrow and always. So, share the love below!

Much love to you all,

The Numerologist Team

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