The image of tender love and affection shown on the Six of Cups is not the romantic love pictured on the two of cups. Here is a childlike, sentimental affection, like that between siblings as children, or the sort of feelings we display toward babies and small pets. The Six of Cups represents tenderness, sentimentality, gentility, kindness and protectiveness. The little girl wears mittens to protect her little hands, suggesting pampering, babying and innocence. It may signify a sweet, tender relationship that opens you up to the magic of simple pleasures, or it may point to a time of giving and receiving gifts, or shared delights. It may be time to “stop and smell the roses” and enjoy the simple gifts that lie everywhere in nature, or the joy of helping, giving and encouraging others. You may now experience a random act of kindness, or you yourself may be in a position to share gifts of kindness with others, especially family members or children. Let the fairy-like mood of this image guide and inspire your actions!

This card may be advising a childlike innocence and open-heartedness, through which you will be able to receive the bountiful gifts of the universe just like the little girl gently receives a flower from the sweet older boy.  As adults, often we close ourselves off to all kinds of experiences— especially, in this modern age, to exposing ourselves emotionally—either because we think it is immature, improper, undignified or that we should be above or beyond certain needs, pleasures or expectations. Yet imposing such rigid limitations upon our emotional nature can stifle all the joy out of life, and even impair us in our ability to manifest our desires and attain our goals. The Six of Cups shows the open, loving trust in life that children have, and which we all feel every now and again when the inner child is awakened within. The card may indicate nostalgia for a long-lost time of protected innocence, or the idealism and subjective selectivity that shapes and sculpts our memories of the past.

Astrological Association:

The Six of Cups card is connected to the Sun (Sun) in Scorpio (Death).

Card meanings upright:

The Six of Cups card represents sensuality and pleasure, and it can also represent memories, innocence, nostalgia, and childhood. You may see someone from your past come back into your life very soon. You could also be feeling the happiness of your inner child because you are feeling very comfortable and at home in your life at the moment.

Card meanings reversed:

When the Six of Cups card is reversed, it may represent difficult or haunting childhood memories resurfacing in your life. You may experience troubles growing or evolving in your life, and might struggle with your memory, either through bad memories surfacing or losing memories altogether. If you are striving and failing to make others happy, then now is a god time to focus on making yourself happy and whole first.


The Six of Cups card can represent a surge in creativity in your work life. If you do not have creative opportunities or outlets in your job, then now is a great time to spend personal time engaging your creative side by writing, drawing, painting, or scrapbooking. Embracing your creativity may ultimately help you perform better at work as a result.


The Six of Cups card can represent a focus, goals, and dreams in your romantic life. If you are in a committed relationship, now is a good time to openly discuss goals and dreams and try new things to support one another and move forward as a happy couple. If you are looking for love, don’t be surprised if you see an old lover come back into your life. You may need to think long and hard before rekindling an old flame if this happens.


The Six of Cups card can represent gains in your financial life that are based in nostalgia. If you are looking for investments, you might want to consider things that are retro or may even be appealing to children. Money may be on the way to you from someone in your past.


The Six of Cups card represents the importance and beauty of rituals in your spiritual life. You may find especial joy in recreating some of the spiritual rituals you knew as a child, and will likely enjoy updating or reinventing some of your old traditions in a way that best fits your life and spirituality now.


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