This week we are working from a place of pain and heartbreak.

Between the Cancer Season, Universal Month of 11, and July having 7 energy, we are focusing on our heart chakra. Feel the pain and do the work to release the hurt that has been in your heart for so long.

Card 1

3 of Cups

This week is a focus on friendship and relationships.  Right now, everyone is trying to feel that fun and enjoyment that they had in childhood. The key is not to try and recreate the fun of your childhood, but going back to just the feeling of joy. There is nothing physical or tangible that will give you that fun and excitement, it is something that is coming from an internal memory. You can find this energy in a person, the person that gives you a sense of joy in which you don’t need to do any work or try to recreate it. Tell the Universe that you are following your joy this week, that you just want to have fun and embrace your innocence and then when the Universe delivers –give thanks!

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Card 2

Wheel of Fortune

This is your opportunity to create a shift in your life that you are in control of. This is your week to take control of your life and remember that you are at the wheel! You have all of the tools that you need in order to steer your life in whichever direction you want to go in. You are also in control of who you decide to come with you on your journey. Don’t forget that you are in control; write it on your mirror, repeat the affirmation: “I am in control of my life” as often as you can remember and watch how your life changes in just as short as a week’s time!

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Card 3

8 of Swords

This is a recurring card for the month of June because it is reminding us that we are completely powerless. We are more powerless than we thought and this is actually a great thing. You don’t control how other people are going to act, all you can control is how you react to the world that you don’t have power over. You are powerless to the circumstances of the world right now, so go inward and try to find the positive. It may be a small aspect of positivity within despair, but once you find it you will actually empower yourself. Being aware that you are powerless is the only way to find your true power this week.

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