Are you considering starting a business or want to take the next step? Read on to discover how!

Do you need more clarity about:
1. Business direction or a decision?
2. The next best business step?
3. How to step into flow and success?

Then pick card 1, 2, or 3 for guidance…

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Card 1

DECIDE (D. Virtue Magical Unicorns oracle cards)

It’s time to decide what you want.

Business direction:

You’re now in a time where you could go in a few different directions, depending upon your decisions. In other words, you must decide: What’s next for me?

Decisions are magical as they get things moving again. If you don’t like the direction your life is going, you can examine your decisions to see if they need changing. The best decisions will make you feel happy and make the people around you feel happy as well.

Business decision:

I drew another card to guide you in making a possible decision:

(Extra card) TRY SOMETHING NEW (D. Virtue Magical Unicorns oracle cards)

You’ll only know that you can do something if you try!

One reason why you may feel bored is that you are doing the same things over and over again. To feel excited about life, you need to try new things!

This card asks you to do something you’ve always wanted to do and learn about it. Don’t worry about being perfect, especially at the start. The more you can relax and have fun, the better everything will go.  The most important is to make a decision and try it out. You never know if anything works before you’ve tried it. So just make that decision to get things rolling again.

If you’ve considered starting a business, this is the time to try it out. If you need to learn new skills or learn more to get started, seek help, do a class, and do whatever it takes to get started.

ASK YOURSELF: What is it that I always wanted to do?

Make that decision and try it out!

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FINISH WHAT YOU’VE STARTED (D. Virtue Magical Unicorns Oracle cards.)

You’ve started something important and now it’s time to complete it.

At the beginning of a project, you feel excited, because it’s something new and different. This excitement gives you lots of energy and it makes you want to spend a lot of time working on the tasks. But the excitement may fade away causing you to lose interest. At that point, you may walk away from it. When you have lots of unfinished projects, your mind feels scattered. The unfinished jobs nag at you, which isn’t fun.

This card asks you to go back to an important project (you know which one) and complete it.

The easiest way to finish is to spend a little time daily working on it a little bit.

What can you do to bring the project to completion?

ASK YOURSELF: Which project should I finish? What can I do to bring the project to completion?

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IT’S OK TO BE DIFFERENT (D. Virtue Magical Unicorns Oracle cards.)

You don’t need to be like everyone else. You are perfect as you are.

Everyone wants to be liked. It’s normal to try to fit in with other people. You may compare yourself with others and feel like you don`t belong.

This card is here to tell you that your special talents are needed in the world.  If you try to be different from who you are you won’t be happy, you won’t get true friends, and you won’t attract your ideal clients.

To stand out and attract your ideal clients you need to be yourself to come across authentically. This is the secret of marketing. You need to leverage your Superpowers in your business to stand out. Astrology and numerology are great tools to uncover your specialty,  your strengths, potential, and purpose, so you can leverage these Superpowers in your business and marketing.

If you market your method, for instance, yoga, reiki, or healing, you will look like all the other yoga teachers and reiki masters out there. But If you know and market your specialty, you will stand out. This is the secret sauce of visionary Branding,  to uncover your specialty and Big Idea, so you can stand and just be yourself! When you do you will attract more success and flow into your life and business.

ASK YOURSELF: What is my specialty? How can I be more myself?  

Did you pick this card? Let us know in the comments below and tell us if Anne’s forecast helped you get more clarity about how to step into more flow and success …

The theme for the week:

Make decisions, finish what you’ve started, and just be yourself.