So you’ve got your Tarot deck, and you’re getting to know the cards…. But how can you get the absolute best out of them?

By asking the right questions – that’s how! Think about it – if you ask a clear, exacting question, you’re likely to get a clear exacting answer. But if your question is confused and lacking depth, then that’s exactly what your answer will reflect.

Asking the right kind of Tarot questions is not as easy as you may think. But like any practice, it’s something that gets easier and more natural, the more you try.

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The same general rules apply whether you’re drawing cards for yourself, or going for a Tarot reading with a professional reader. And whilst you may be going for that Tarot reading with a specific query in mind, likelihood is that a whole lot more will be revealed to you than you first imagined! So being strategic and choosing your questions carefully, is key!

Before we get into specifics, here are a few pointers to keep in mind when you choose which questions to ask the Tarot.

1. Avoid asking the Cards “Yes” or “No” Questions

When you really, really want to know the answer to a probing question, it may feel like you need to get direct. But asking the cards to answer questions that can be answered with either a “yes” or a “no” is unlikely to give you any real value.

Tarot is rich in symbolism, complexity, and nuance. It’s amazing at getting you to look below the surface and understand the inner workings of life. But you’re sweeping all that aside if you rush straight to a “yes” or a “no”.

Instead, ask the cards open-ended questions. Begin them with “how” or “why” or “what”.

It’s the difference between asking the cards: “should I quit my job tomorrow?” and asking “how can I remove the obstacles to finding my dream career?”

2. Keep Yourself at the Center

Possibly the only time it’s advisable to be self-centered in life, is when you’re drawing Tarot cards! But seriously – this is important. It’s unethical, as well as problematic to ask for details about other people, however tempting it may be. That’s not to say you can’t inquire about situations involving other people through Tarot, just be sure to keep the focus on yourself.

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3. Stay Empowered

It can be tempting to look at life as though there are all these external forces wielding their power over you (Hello Mercury Retrograde!) but in truth, we are each the master of our own reality! So avoid asking questions like: “Will I get the job?” Instead, ask: “What strategy will give me the best chances of getting the job?”. This way YOU choose to take the reins in your life and the Tarot cards will also be more able to show you a path forward.


4. Keep Future Focused

Try to avoid going back over old ground. Whilst it’s good to learn from the past, and ask for things to be clarified (“What can I learn from X situation?) try not to dwell on what could or should have happened. The cards will wrap rings around you if you begin wondering “Should I have…?” or “Was that the right thing to do…?”

Be here. And look forward.

Now, let’s take a look at some good questions about specific areas of your life, that you could ask in a personal reading, or in a reading with a Professional:

General Questions for a Tarot Reading

  • What do I need to know about my current situation/career / relationship…?
  • How can I move forward in my work/relationship/studies / spiritual growth …?
  • What is the biggest obstacle that I am facing right now?
  • What do I need to learn in order to overcome this obstacle?
  • What most needs to come forward in my life right now?
  • What is the strongest foundation I have to build on right now?
  • What are my greatest strengths/weaknesses?
  • What aspect of my life do I need to be focusing on right now?

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Tarot Questions for Making Choices and Decisions

  • Help me decide which choice is will greater serve me.
  • What are the pros and cons of choice 1 / 2 / 3?
  • What do I need to know, to make the best possible decision?
  • What strategy can I use to make the best decision?
  • What am I currently not seeing in this decision?

Love and Relationship Tarot Card Questions

  • What is standing in the way of me finding love?
  • What do I need to work on before I can find love?
  • How can I attract my soulmate?
  • How can I best nurture the relationship between me and my partner?
  • How can I best overcome this issue in my relationship?
  • What does my partner have to teach me?
  • What are the important parts of this relationship that I’m not seeing?

Work and Career Tarot Card Questions

  • What career can I do that will align most closely with my life’s purpose?
  • What work will bring me the greatest satisfaction?
  • What is the greatest obstacle to finding my ideal job?
  • What blocks me from achieving my full potential?
  • What do I have to learn about myself from my current career?
  • What steps can I take right now, to move closer to a new job that will best suit me?
  • How can I further my career right now?
  • How can I communicate more effectively with my employer?

Money and Finances Tarot Card Questions

  • What can I do to bring more money into my life?
  • What is my biggest obstacle to improving my finances?
  • What is my attitude towards money?
  • What can I do to improve it?
  • How can I find financial success?

Follow Up Questions and Guidance

Don’t be afraid to ask follow up questions if you need more clarity, or would like to investigate some area of your life that the Tarot reading has brought into focus.

BUT on the other hand, if you’re getting a reading you really don’t like then that’s different. Changing the question won’t change the answer! Sure, rephrase for more clarity, extra insight, or if you need the details described to be more accurate.

But it’s not helpful to keep pulling cards in an attempt to change the outcome!

Now, will you share YOUR go-to Tarot Card reading questions with us?

Drop a message in the comments below – we’d love your input!