Have you found your soul’s path?

There are times your life when you question what’s it’s all about.

This is not confusion.

It’s a calling from the soul to search deeply and take the next step on your soul’s path.

Here some of the signs that you are on the right path…

1) Things are falling apart.

Sudden endings occur and relationships break down with no warning. These leave you feeling bruised and sore but somehow, someway you know this needed to happen to unveil the real you!

2) You have no clue what comes next.

You feel at a loss to know what’s happening next but in someway or another you have an inner knowing that it will all work out. You believe everything happens for a reason.

Girl trying to discover her soul's path

3) You are more interested in the future than the past.

Sick of dwelling in the past and pulling it all apart you wish to move forward and do something deep and meaningful now and follow your passion.

4) You are forming deeper connections.

You are no longer interested in trivial connections but seek meaningful relationships that engage and fuel your spirit.

5) Synchronicities abound.

You notice signs everywhere from cloud formations to numbers on a clock, to reoccurring themes that are showing up in your life, your dreams, and your consciousness.

6) You start living for you.

You are interested in pursuing a life of meaning and purpose at all costs, and you no longer fear life but rather you embrace it! You are willing to open your heart and living life’s mystery to the fullest.

This is what it means to follow a soul’s path and your hunger and passion to explore more is propelling you forward and helping you to grow.

Be excited, as your soul’s path will guard and guide you to your destiny.

Click here to uncover the 5 soul connections that will illuminate your journey.


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About Julianna Jay

Irish mystic Julianna Jay is a poetic word smith, soul reader, scribe and pure channel. Her words reveal divine guidance from a higher council of light beings through Source energy. Julianna channels from the archangel realms, the ascended masters, and saints, filling her writing with the unconditional love and energy of the divine. She has been interviewed many times in the U.S. and Europe on radio and television and her scribings are often featured in 11.11 Magazine, a U.S.-based publication with a global readership. Connect with Julianna via her website at HERE or on Facebook



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