Finding Answers With the Pyramid – Part 2

In the last post about the Pyramid Method, you were introduced to an uncanny method of getting answers to serious questions. It’s a totally arithmantic method, but it also works with older planetary associations, and is therefore popular with practitioners of Astro-Numerology. These references to the planets are symbolic; they don’t have to do with their positions in the zodiac or their relationship to the horizon.

The method is simple, in which the number of words in the question is given as the first number in the top row, followed by the number of letters in each of the words. Each number is added to the number to the right, making the second row, and this procedure is repeated until the final number is found.

Common Number Symbols

In order to help you better understand the outcome number, here are some alternate and little known things the numbers symbolize. Knowing a few of these will help you see the answers to your questions, because last time we only covered the basic indications. Be careful, because these meanings work well with this method of answering questions – in birthday and name numerology they should be used only by very experienced Numerologists.

1 – The number of the Sun, the eagle, the Lion, male royalty, palaces, theaters, beaches, deserts, officers, judges, political leaders, gold, the eyes, favor, security, Sunday.

2 – The number of the Moon, sea creatures and amphibians, women in general, the common people, travelers, fishermen, brewers, messengers, chauffeurs, sudden changes, Monday.

3 – The number of Jupiter, large herbivores, dolphins and whales, churches, public conventions, doctors, clerical leaders, scholars, lawyers, justice, wisdom, Thursday.

4 – The number of the negative Sun or Rahu, people of harsh speech, difficult places, dense forests, places with snakes, poison, grave situations, expensive things, domineering, fanatical, obscures the truth.

5 – The number of Mercury, all cunning creatures, apes, mathematicians, students, merchants, poets, ambassadors, clerks, opportunists, clever speech, shops, schools, places where games are played, Wednesday.

6 – The number of Venus, calf, goats, deer, jewelers, musicians, actors, artists, those involved in fashion and cosmetics, gardens, fountains, beds, dancing schools, furniture merchants, caterers, groomers, Friday.

7 – The number of the negative Moon or Ketu, vultures, horned animals, places below ground, caves, fanatics for a cause, solitary people, those who renounce the world, spiritual liberation, treasure, wisdom-bearers.

8 – the number of Saturn, dogs, bears, wolves, cats, control, construction workers and tradesmen, those who work behind the scenes, undertakers, gardeners, patient people, serious, commanding, Saturday.

9 – the number of Mars, hawk, shark, predators in general, guard and hunting dogs, soldiers, druggists, surgeons, butchers, thieves, watchmakers, those who work with fire, cooks, furnaces, competitors, Tuesday.

These are only some of the characteristics that are common to both Eastern and Western numerology, but that are very useful in today’s world. Some of them need to be updated; for instance, under 7 you should find recreational drugs and drug abuse, as well as alcoholism. Under 5 you should find all things related to computers, but 6 if you are talking about computer art or entertainment.

Use these indications to find out if your answer might be related to the question in such a way that the pyramid is trying to deliver more information, instead of giving a strict “no” answer.

Practical Application

In the previous article, the questioner was asking about the purchase of a dog, and the final number of the pyramid was 8. This usually gives a no answer, but because 8 rules over dogs, it may be that there will be something of a delay, or that there is something standing in the way. In fact, the 2, which was the sum of the numbers on the first line, almost always means that something has to change first, meaning that the no might be a “no” for now, but if this change is made, it becomes a yes.

But the most important aspect of learning to use the Pyramid Method is learning to ask the right question. Sometimes questions need to be reframed so that they require a simple yes or no answer. Sometimes the number of words being used to ask the question needs to be reduced; a description of the problem does not get to the heart of the question.

In the process of carefully thinking about the question, you’ll find the answer within, because that’s where all answers are anyway.

Your Master Numerologist,

About Roy Kirkland

Roy Kirkland has been a lucid dreamer with an interest in the esoteric sciences since early childhood. His practice in these ancient systems now spans several decades. Roy has gained several professional certifications from both the US and India for his work and has been featured on multiple media outlets. He has done presentations, workshops and live predictions for thousands of individuals all over the world.

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