Hermione Granger Casting Magic with WandPinIf you’re a Harry Potter fan, then you may have heard of Arithmancy

As one of Hermione’s favorite subjects at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Arithmancy has had a mention or two in JK Rowling’s infamous series. But beyond being taught by Professor Septima Vector, the details concerning the subject don’t go any further: the books are empty of arithmantic detail and films don’t actually show any scenes of Arithmacy Class at all (Harry didn’t take the subject).

So the question remains: Does Arithmancy actually exist!? What does it mean, how do you calculate it and what is it even for…!?

What IS Arithmancy?

Arithmancy is an ancient divination method which can be traced right back to Babylonian times. But unlike the modern Pythagorean Numerology that we practice here at Numerologist, it doesn’t rely on alphabet-to-number conversion charts, where A=1, B=2, C=3, etc…

Letters are sometimes involved in Arithmancy, but more often than not, numbers stand alone.

Much in the same way that crystals, cards and the I-Ching are used to gather information about people and situations, and foretell their future, Arithmancy uses numbers and math for divination. And whilst Numerology is more commonly used as a tool for describing energy states, Arithmancy is used as an oracle.

Beware of the many websites will claiming to explain Arithmancy in exactly the same way as pure Numerology (often describing how to calculate the Life Path, Expression and Soul Urge Numbers). The truth is something a little different and much more varied. Because whilst interlinked and crossing over in places, Numerology and Arithmancy are actually two very different arts.

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Where Does Arithmancy Come from?

The word Arithmancy comes from the Greek root word “arithmos” which translates to number. The next root is “manteia” which means divination. Numerology is the most prevalent form of Arithmancy.

The practice of Numerology has been used by civilizations for thousands of years to help to determine dates of good fortune or to foretell events. The strengths and potentials, as well as the characteristics of a person, are also determined by the numbers. Arithmancy, particularly Numerology, tells how to overcome obstacles and challenges and even make predictions for the future.

Since numbers are a universal language, we find Arithmantic methods throughout history and all over the world. Thought to originate in Mesopotamia, it also has roots in cultures as varied as Ancient Egypt and the Mayan Civilizations.

Arithmancers in Ancient China would use Arithmantic methods in their writing, by counting the number of brush strokes it took to write a name, statement, or question. They would then base the answer they were seeking on the symbolism of the number of strokes.

In ancient Greece, number values would be allocated to the names of combatants in battle. These would then be studied by Arithmancers, and the outcome of battles was foretold according to the numerical symbolism.

In the 19th century BC, the Chaldeans practiced a type of Arithmancy that divided their alphabet into three parts. Each part is composed of seven letters, which they attributed to the known seven planets back then. Wizards of today still use a system similar to what the ancient Chaldeans used.

Can Arithmancy be Used Today?

Yes! One of the simplest method of Arithmantic divination which can be used by anyone is called the Pyramid Method.

The Pyramid Method: What it is and How to Use it!

To begin, a question needs to be posed. But there are just as rules about formulating the question that need to be followed, for your arithmancy practice to be accurate:

  • The question should be meaningful; frivolous questions get frivolous responses.
  • The question should relate directly to the person asking it since truth comes from within.  These means don’t ask in behalf of other people but feel free to guide them through their own process.
  • The question should be one that you do not already have an answer for; the Universe does not like rhetorical questions. (It’s surprising how easy it is to do this!)
  • Try to avoid definitive “Yes” or “No” questions. Instead pose your question in such a way as to gain more information, clarity or insight around a subject.

With that in mind, let’s begin the example with a simple question:

“Should I get a dog this year?”

First, count the number of words in the question, which is “7”. This 7 becomes the first number in the first row of the pyramid and goes in the upper left-hand corner.

Begin to build the rest of the row by counting the number of letters contained in each word, listing them from left to right. The first row should look like this:

7, 6, 1, 3, 1, 3, 4, 4

To create the second and continuing rows, add the numbers from left to right and list them individually, beneath each calculation.

7+6=13, reduced to 1+3=4, so the first number of the second row will be 4.

The next is 6+1=7, so the second number will be 7. Keep going in the same direction, one row at a time, until you have completed the Pyramid.

7 6 1 3 1 3 4 4
4 7 4 4 4 7 8
2 2 8 8 2 6
4 1 7 1 8
5 8 8 9
4 7 8
2 6
The final or outcome number for this question is 8.

8 is a number which represents abundance and good fortune, but it also represents overcoming challenges and accepting the flow between these states. Since the 8’s governing planet is Saturn, ruler of time and material restrictions, we may expect to be shown limitations, delays and very the specific obstacles in our path. However, 8 is also a number that represents dogs, herdsmen and so forth, meaning that this isn’t necessarily a negative arithmantic response.

Arithmancy and Names

You can apply Arithmancy to know more about the people you just met and to elicit information about them. The first thing you should do is to convert the name into a number. Each letter matches a number as revealed in the chart below:


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

Next, you “reduce” your number by adding your numbers together until all you are left with is one digit.

When working with someone’s name, you can calculate three different numbers for them. The first, called the “Character Number”, which can be used to find out the general overall personality of the person. You calculate this number by using all the letters in the person’s name.

The second number you can calculate for someone is their “Heart Number”.

This number represents the person’s inner life; it reveals their inner desires and their inner fears, which they try to hide from other people. The calculation for this number is the same as above, but you will only be using the vowels contained in their name

The final number you can calculate for someone is their “Social Number”.

In this number, only the consonants of the name are used for calculation. The social number or Personality Number is crucial since it describes the personality the individual presents to the world. It is the outer personality, or the face people show in social interactions.

Need More Clarity?

It’s quite usual when practicing Arithmancy to end up with more questions than answers! Because more insight around a subject doesn’t necessarily mean a clear “yes” or a clear “no”! So in order to get more information about the outcome, here are a couple of quick methods you can try:

  1. Find the arithmantic sum of the numbers in the first row, and compare that sum to the final number of the Pyramid. In this case, the first row of numbers sums to
  2.  2 and 8 are compliments, and 2 indicates that some compromise, partnership or association must be made before the result can be achieved. This information expanding method can be incredibly useful for unclear answers.
  3. One last method, if you really can’t understand the significance and meaning of the outcome number you have received, is to simplify your question. (It’s really important NOT to do this if you simply don’t like the answer you’ve been given!). Have you phrased your question in a way which is unnecessarily complicated? Have you used excess, superfluous words? Have you asked your question clearly enough, and to the point? Or try changing your angle, and see if you receive a new response which has a clearer and more understandable outcome.

Arithmancy Outcome Number Meanings & Interpretations

For general interpretations of the numbers 1-9, follow this link to the Numerologist Number Dictionary. But in order to help you better understand the outcome number, here are some alternate and little-known things the numbers symbolize. Note that these number interpretations are totally arithmantic in nature so they’re a little different from the numerological associations that you may be used to. So be careful, because these symbols, planetary references and meanings work really well with this method of answering questions but not with your numerology chart. In birthday and name numerology they should be used only by very experienced Numerologists.

Jump to a Number and Discover What’s Behind Magical Numbers…





Numerology Number 1 is the number of the Sun and typically means immediate success. This is especially true if it regards a new pursuit; at any rate, the results will come soon.


1 is associated with the eagle, the Lion, male royalty, palaces, theaters, beaches, deserts, officers, judges, political leaders, gold, the eyes, favor, security, and Sunday.


The number one is associated with the Sun. It is aggressive action and ambition. The number one is all about new beginnings; it has a strong will and pure energy. A number one arithmancy denotes independence focus and determination. It doesn’t shy away from taking a leadership role.

Number 1s take action and are the pioneers in new ventures.


On the downside, this number can be self-centered, egotistical, and domineering



Numerology Number 22 is the number of the Moon. It can show a lack of concentration, uneasiness, or instability and often indicates the need for some guidance or strength from outside, often in the form of another person. It gives positive answers, but something needs to change before they can happen.


2 is associated with liquids, medicine, chemistry, sea creatures & amphibians, women in general, the “common” people, relationships, travelers, fishermen, messengers, chauffeurs, sudden changes & Monday.


The number 2 corresponds with the Moon and can be described as balanced and harmonious. It signifies cooperation, and it is the number of loyalty and commitment as well as diplomacy.

The number 2 is an imaginative and creative individual. Communication skills are used to inspire people out of their indecisiveness and call them to unite with like-minded people with like ideas to create purpose and a higher mission.


On the downside, Number 2 can be withdrawn, self-conscious, and just like the Moon, deal with many moods.



Numerology Number 33 is the number of Jupiter, which is very positive when the question regards ambition or the pursuit of desires. Three would be the most desirable result in a question regarding education or childbirth.


3 is associated with social activities, entertainment, knowledge, and communication. Also, large herbivores, dolphins and whales, churches, public conventions, doctors, clerical leaders, scholars, lawyers, justice, wisdom, and Thursday.


This number deals with the subject of magic, self-expression, and intuitive thought. The number 3 is creative and easy-going energy. It has the potential to be highly successful. The number 3 is associated with time, whether it be in the past present or future. It denotes the wholeness of the mind, body, and spirit. Because of this, the number has a metaphysical connotation.


The number 3 can be unfocused and superficial. They also get easily offended.



Numerology Number 44 represents the Black Sun; in India, this is known as Rahu, the north nodal point. It can mean interference, obstacles, and stagnation. With 4 as a result in Arithmancy, there is no guarantee, especially regarding money. It could very well mean struggle.


4 is associated with people of harsh speech, difficult places, dense forests, places with snakes, poison, grave situations, expensive things, domination fanaticism, and obstructions to the truth.


The number four corresponds with Mercury. Its energy is stable solid, and highly enduring.

The number four is stable and down to earth in all things. If you look around us, everything is in 4s. There will be four elements, four seasons, as well as four directions. The number four deals with systems. This number prefers logic and reliable information over fantasy.


Number 4s can be stubborn and suspicious of others.

They also have a temper and can have outbursts of anger.



Numerology Number 55 is the number of Mercury, which can be indicative of success if the question regards education or relationships. But you’ll need to use caution here because 5s tends toward freedom and not stability.


5 is associated with Mercury, mathematicians, students, merchants, poets, ambassadors, clerks, opportunists, clever speech, shops, schools, places where games are played, and Wednesday.


The number five corresponds with the planet Jupiter.

Its energy is one of instability and unpredictability. Change and chaos are the prevalent themes in number five. It is crucial to take risks and try a new way of doing things.

As a five, these people are prepared to take action. They are highly sociable and meet new people as they travel and marvel at the amazing things the world has to offer.


The number 5 can be quick-tempered, irresponsible, arrogant, and impatient. They may fail to follow through on the projects and goals they have planned.



Numerology Number 66 is the number of Venus and favors art, beauty, friendship, peace, and harmony. Any question regarding a treaty or agreement, or a social get-together would want 6 as its final digit. 6 can also mean gifts from women.


6 is associated with jewelers, musicians, actors, artists, those involved in fashion and cosmetics, gardens, fountains, beds, dancing schools, furniture merchants, caterers, groomers, calves, goats, deer and Friday.


The number six corresponds with Venus. Its energy is highly tolerant dependable, and sincere.

The themes of the number 6 are friendship and family life. Individuals with this number are extremely loyal, very reliable, and loving. They also practice diplomacy and honesty at all times.

They will do great as teachers and artists.


Number six can be gossipy and complacent.



Numerology Number 77 represents the Black Moon; in India, this is known as Ketu, the south nodal point. It refers to the life of the mind; anything requiring reason and forethought is favored, but business and relationships are not.


7 is associated with vultures, horned animals, places below ground, caves, fanatics for a cause, solitary people, those who renounce the world, spiritual liberation, treasure, and wisdom-bearers.


The number seven is associated with the planet Saturn.

Its energy thrives on intellectual challenges. The number seven makes scholarly individuals. Originality and imagination are highly important to them, and they value the intellectual over material possessions or successes. These individuals are often serious, introverted, and have great mental energy.


These people can be pessimistic, sarcastic, and lack faith in themselves



Numerology Number 88 is the number of Saturn and can indicate delays, obstacles, and difficulties of all sorts. If the concern is about long-term contracts, farming, manufacturing, or financial discipline, the answer may be favorable.


8 is associated with dogs, bears, wolves, cats, control, construction workers and tradespeople, those who work behind the scenes, undertakers, gardeners, patient people, seriousness, taking command, and Saturday.


The number eight is associated with planet Uranus.

Its energy is associated with success, opportunity, and strength. Repetitions are a theme in the number eight, and this denotes cycles, flows, and continuation.

This number 8 is associated with earthly powers such as business, wealth, and politics. The number eight is the number of momentum; thus, this number creates individuals who are ready for action, practical ambitious, and committed. They know that it takes hard work to succeed.


The pitfalls of the number eight are jealousy and greediness. They also tend to be domineering and power-hungry.



Numerology Number 99 is the number of Mars, the planet of energy, courage, and impulsiveness. Success comes through strength and ambition. Overcoming opposition and breaking through obstacles are favored.


9 is associated with hawks, sharks, predators in general, guard and hunting dogs, soldiers, surgeons, butchers, thieves, watchmakers, those who work with fire, cooks, furnaces, competitors, and Tuesday.


Number 9 corresponds with the planet, Neptune. Its energy deals with the higher vibrations of the Universe. The themes of this number are the culmination of accomplishment and success. This number allows an individual, satisfaction, and fulfillment since karma has reached full circle. The number nine has great intellectual powers, inventiveness, and influence over situations. It has the ability to make a positive influence over others. Number 9 is an individual who will work hard for their goals.


Number nine individuals can be arrogant and conceited. They can be angry when things don’t go their way.

In Conclusion…

Arithmancy is an ancient divination technique that is highly useful and easy to use. Wizards and numerologists are using this practice up to the present.

The Pyramid and name numerology are reliable techniques of Arithmancy, and fits in well with other Astro-Numerology methods. As you practice it, your knowledge of the numbers will grow, and your interpretations become much more subtle than you might currently imagine!

Try it and be amazed! Then be sure to leave us a message below, to tell us of your wizardry wins!

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