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Every now and then you’ll read about people being conned or misled by people claiming to know what the future holds. There are maybe only a handful of individuals who are relied upon by the media to make accurate predictions about certain personalities. Some use the well-known tarot cards while others use unusual means like asparagus tips. However one’s fortune is told and whether predictions are accurate or not, many people are not discounting the possibility that fortune tellers may actually hold a direct line to their future and destiny.

Fortune telling has been around since time immemorial. Through centuries, people who practiced the craft have used astrology, palmistry, crystallomancy (reading of the crystal ball), I-ching, numerology, and even psychic readings to predict another person’s future. Some methods rely on the fortune-teller’s stark expertise in interpreting the alignment of the planets while other methods are completely dependent on the fortune teller’s psychic abilities.

Different methods speak to different people. You might be interested to know how an immediate event will go over (a product presentation, a blind date, or a “meet-the-parents” evening) but you might not want to know what truly lies ahead for your future (your marriage, the future of your career, or your mortality). In this instance, a fortune teller who uses astrology might better serve you. With the right astrologer, you may just get definitive answers to all your questions, whether it’s about your career path or your love life. A fortune teller can not only predict your future using astrology but he can also suggest possible solutions to certain difficulties in your life.

Tarot card readings on the other hand require some psychic ability to explain or elucidate the meaning of the cards. Tarot cards are thought to predict some pretty accurate events in an individual’s life without needing information on their birth date or place. An accurate reading will depend entirely on the expertise of the fortune teller. If the fortune teller isn’t sufficiently experienced, your reading may result in erroneous details. This could prove to be disastrous if you’re hoping to find out if you should quit your job, move your family to another state, and start a homemade organic baby food business. One single mistake with one detail might disrupt your entire life needlessly.

Sometimes, fortune telling doesn’t work quite the way you’d expect. Like in the case of a Florida woman who allegedly threw a broken mirror at her boyfriend during a break up. The man is said to have broken up with the woman over a fortune teller’s prediction that his girlfriend is bound to send him to jail for the rest of his life. Well, someone did end up in jail but it wasn’t the man.

So, want to know your destiny? Choose your fortune teller wisely and always take the insight gained to positively affect your life and to move in a direction that feels good to you.